Share Shaklee

Share Shaklee

“This business…is about using and recommending the products and if you see and believe in the wealth-building model, finding a lot of others to do the same.” – Richard Bliss Brooke, “The Four-Year Career

You’ll want to constantly add new people to your team, either personally or by encouraging your business partners to do the same.

You can share through events – one on one, LYL events, 3-way calls – in social, even as you’re going about your day. Shaklee has something for everyone…so share away!

Shaklee business & product opportunity overview

Need a quick way to share Shaklee with someone in a one-on-one setting?

Use the Shaklee Business and Product Opportunity overview to guide your conversation.

The overview is arranged as an easy to follow checklist of prompts that help you cover Shaklee’s history, product philosophy, culture, mission and income opportunity. The overview also includes how the new person begins with the first milestone – earning $1,000.

The overview is available for purchase in packs of five (Coming Soon) or download and print yourself on an as-needed basis.

Downloadable Version

Love Your Life, the Shaklee Business Overview

Watch as Shaklee Business Leader Rochelle Parks demonstrates how to use the Shaklee Business Overview to present the income opportunity.

Opportunity video

Shaklee Opportunity Videos help you pique interest in the income opportunity that leads to a meeting (one-on-one meeting), three-way call with your Upline, or attendance at a live Love Your Life (Opportunity) Event.

These videos Shaklee’s history, product philosophy and culture as well as how people get started with building a Shaklee business.

Visit Shaklee TV (external link) to find videos and find embed code you can use to add to a web page.



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