LYL Presentations

LYL Presentations

LYL Presentations give you a framework for presenting Nutrition, Skin Care and the income opportunity rooted in the promise we extend to anyone interested in greater health and vitality, clean beauty and charting their own course.

Live Younger Longer is focused on Shaklee Nutrition, Look Younger Longer is about YOUTH skin care, and Love Your Life the Shaklee Opportunity.

Each presentation comes with an accompanying script, guides to help you plan and hold your events. And after your events, we’ve made follow up easy with custom email templates as well as the follow up tool in the Shaklee Connect™ dashboard.

Live Younger Longer

The Live Young Longer presentation is focused on Shaklee Nutrition and covers:

  • The importance of good nutrition and why it is so hard to maintain it
  • How Shaklee products can make it easier to get good nutrition
  • Shaklee’s history of developing innovative products and our ongoing product philosophy and clinical results.
  • Our key nutrition products and how you build a Business with Shaklee Nutrition

Take advantage of these resources (external links) to plan and host your own Live Younger Longer event:

Hosting a Nutrition LYL Event

Get tips for hosting a Nutrition LYL (Live Younger Longer) event from Shaklee Business Leader Cindy Williams:

Look Younger Longer

Look Younger Longer presentation is focused on YOUTH skin care and covers:

  • Skin care market and potential for industry growth
  • The science behind YOUTH, our clean beauty philosophy and our clinical results
  • The collection of products and how the work
  • Before and After results
  • And the potential for building a business with YOUTH

Take advantage of these resources to plan and host your own Look Younger Longer event:

Watch as Shaklee Leader Tracy Fixen shares how she uses Shaklee Skin Care and Look Younger Longer events to grow her business.

Love Your Life

The Love Your Life presentation is focused on the Shaklee income opportunity and covers:

  • What makes Shaklee unique and uniquely positioned to help people realize their goals for this kind of business
  • Shaklee’s history, mission, vision, culture, corporate responsibility, etc.
  • Our product philosophy and product categories
  • How much people can earn, from income to incentives and other rewards and how people get started with their own business.

Take advantage of these resources to plan and host your own Love Your Life event:

The Shaklee Opportunity Presentation

Watch as Shaklee Leader Tiffany Vin presents the Shaklee income opportunity



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