With presentations, events, templates, tools, and resources, Shaklee is here to help you succeed!

Share Business and Product Opportunity Overview

Shaklee has resources to help you present the full picture of Shaklee and how you can give the best presentation possible.

LYL Presentations

LYL is the name of a series of presentations/events that Shaklee provides to Distributors. Live Longer Long is focused on Shaklee Nutrition, Look Younger Longer is about YOUTH skin care, and Love Your Life the Shaklee Opportunity.

We’ve put together LYL presentations and scripts to help you introduce each and step-by-step guides to help you plan and hold your own events. Shaklee also made following up after these events easy with custom email templates and instructions.

Think about the impact to your business if you held just one LYL event per week with 5 guests. Or even 10 guests. You’d be well on your way to sponsoring new team Members, enrolling new Members, and qualifying for incentive trips and other exciting rewards all while creating the foundation for long-term growth in your Shaklee business.



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