Work with New Distributors

Work with New Distributors

When helping a new Distributor get started, it’s important to help them in the same way someone helped you. Work with them on defining their “Why,” creating a list, and connecting to all things Shaklee. That way, they’re on the right path to achieving their Why and reaching success!

Define their Why

It’s incredibly important to help a new Distributor start off on the right path, and that means helping them define their “Why”. Take some time to ask them the same questions you asked yourself as you got started with Shaklee.

Discover Your Why by Asking Yourself the Following Questions

  • What am I looking for in life?
  • What is my vision for my future?
  • What would I love to have that I don’t have now?
  • If money and time were no object, what would I like to be doing?

Remind them to take their time to reflect and dream BIG!

Use the Define Your “Why” module to help your new people define their “Why” and how to create their personal story. Also share the Setting Up Your Business module to show your new team member how to get their Shaklee Business up and running.

Create a list

It’s time to help your new person put their prospect list together, starting with the people that are closest to them and with whom they have a rapport and credibility.

Encourage them to Identify at least three people who they believe would be great business partners and 20 to 30 potential customers who would benefit from Shaklee products. Work with them make appointments with them to meet in person or conduct one-on-one meetings to share information about Shaklee products and the Opportunity.

This can be a time-consuming process, but encourage them to complete this critical step to get their business off to a fast start. 

For help creating a list, check out the Create Your List module and download the Memory Jogger for idea prompts about people to add to the list.

Connect to all things Shaklee

Shaklee has several resource sites to keep you informed and in the loop about the newest products and Shaklee news.

  • Visit Naturally: the Shaklee Blog for healthy lifestyle content, product reviews and ingredient information, quick health tips, healthy recipes, and more
  • Visit Shaklee TV for product and Shaklee Effect videos, shareable videos, and more
  • Use the All Tools Page to find downloadable and digital resources you can use to build your business including social posts, presentations, scripts, invitation flyers, and more
  • Get business building tips, learn about special offers and promotions and share with your fellow Distributors and Leaders in the Shaklee Effect Facebook® Group. To join the group search in Facebook for “The Shaklee Effect” Then click on the Join Group button at the top of the page. After you’ve requested to join, send an email to with Facebook Group in the subject line and request to be added to The Shaklee Effect group. Be sure to include your Shaklee ID and your name so that we can be sure you are a Shaklee Distributor.

Receive support, inspiration and encouragement to pursue your Shaklee business goals in the 100 Days to Amazing Facebook Group.



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