Yes to Opportunity

Yes To Opportunity

Help new distributors create a lifestyle and 1+2+3 personal health plan with Shaklee Healthprint™

Even as a new Distributor, it’s important to begin your own health journey. Using the products and living a healthier lifestyle is a big part of the promise and benefit of being part of Shaklee, and it helps bring authenticity to how you share Shaklee with others.

With personalized product and lifestyle recommendations, the Shaklee Healthprint assessment is the best way to get started on the path to better health. Healthprint uses the 1+2+3 = Personal Health Plan along with your responses to the Healthprint assessment to create a uniquely suited nutrition plan.

After purchasing the products needed for your own health journey, you’ll want to purchase a Success Pack designed to give you the products and resources needed to begin your business focused on the category or categories that interest you. Use the products included in your pack to share, demo or create displays during your events.

To get started as a new Distributor, work on defining your “Why,” create a list, and connecting to all things Shaklee.

Work with New Distributors

When helping a new Distributor get started, it’s important to help them in the same way someone helped you. Work with them on defining their “Why,” creating a list, and connecting to all things Shaklee.



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