Create Interest & Generate Leads

Create Interest & Generate Leads

Making a personal connection and establishing rapport with potential customers or business partners is key to building your business.

Enrolling Members and Sponsoring Distributors

Watch as Shaklee Master Coordinator Barbara Lagoni shares this foundational training on the Gentle Art of Enrolling Members and Sponsoring Distributors. A must watch for understanding how to create interest!

Talk to one person each day about Shaklee

The more people you meet…the more opportunities you have to find   your next customer or business partner…the next person you can help achieve their health, lifestyle or income goals.

Meeting more people starts with a commitment to do it consistently. And the best way to do that is setting a goal of talking to at least one new person a day about Shaklee. Over time, you’ll begin to see more and more people say yes to what Shaklee has to offer, creating sustained growth for your business.

Share personal story on social

Social media is an incredible tool for sharing. From photos to articles, we let the world know how we’re doing and what we feel by posting to social media, and there’s no better place to share your personal story and the Shaklee lifestyle than online.

Some social media platforms and the kinds of content you can share to grow your business:

  • Facebook®
    • Post the latest in what’s happening in your life
    • Share interesting articles (Naturally Blog is a great resource!)
    • Share content from Shaklee’s Corporate Facebook Page
    • Go “live” to your audience to share an experience or give a tutorial
  • Instagram®
    • Share photos from your everyday life; weave in Shaklee products authentically when possible
    • Post to your Instagram stories to be visible at the top of your followers’ feeds
    • Try going live on Instagram instead of Facebook sometimes too!
  • Pinterest®
    • Organize and share your favorite online things and lifestyle ideas on your boards
    • Create a Shaklee or health and wellness board
    • Link to your PWS when you post Shaklee products
  • Twitter®
    • Tweet when you’re at events
    • Share articles
    • Link to blog posts
    • Post short, bite sized fun facts and tips
  • LinkedIn®
    • Share articles that are more business focused (i.e. about the social commerce industry, working from home or being your own boss)
    • A great place to share good PR about Shaklee

Ways to use content to engage followers:

  • Ask your friends and followers questions
    • If you post a smoothie recipe or your favorite moisturizer, ask people what their favorites are. If you want people to comment on your posts, sometimes you have to prompt them. People always want a forum to speak and they love to be heard. So ask, listen, then respond!
  • Be relatable
    • Your posts and content will resonate more with your audience if they find you relatable. If you are a mom who is running on no sleep—other moms might relate to that and be more interested when you post about your morning cup of Shaklee Energizing Tea. Sometimes you have to get personal—that’s what social media is all about. Tell your story—and have others relate to it.
  • Share relevant, educational and fun content
    • Whether it’s a funny meme you saw (animal memes are always a winner!), an interesting article on the benefits of plant protein or a seasonal product post—make sure what you’re posting is something that’s both engaging and bringing value to your followers. Before you post, ask yourself: Would I engage with this?
  • Have a unique voice
    • What will make you stand out in someone’s timeline? Figure out your personal brand and voice (let you shine through) and what value you bring. Stay true to your personality and your posts will always come across authentic.
  • Post regularly
    • Post daily in at least one social channel, but don’t post more than 3-4 times per week about Shaklee.

Go LIVE on Facebook or Instagram:

  • Promote your live event
    • If you’re planning out your live event and looking for a bigger audience, let people know in advance when and where you’ll be going live so they can tune in. You can even send out calendar and event alerts through Facebook.
  • Find a good location
    • Make sure you have a strong internet connection.
    • Ensure that you have good lighting. Bright lights behind you make it hard to see you.
    • Minimize background noise.
  • Make sure your description is informative and draws people in
  • Prepare
    • Even if you’re doing the LIVE off the cuff, take a few minutes to go over in your head (or write down) what you want to cover or points you want to hit. That will ensure the live video goes more smoothly.
  • Be Yourself!
    • Smile, be relaxed, have fun and don’t forget to engage with your audience!

Prospects and social media

  • Post conversation starters
    • Go live, share an article, ask a question, share a quote, share something personal going on in our life, ask for advice—all great ways to prompt your audience to engage with you or share your post.
    • Share what’s going on in your life. Are you getting your house remodeled, going on vacation, dealing with teenagers, excited about a date night cooking class? Post about your life and people will want to engage with you because they will trust you. But make sure to post once a day. If 100% of your posts about Shaklee, people might unfollow you.

When using social media, it’s important to make sure your content is compliant:

  • When discussing any part of the business opportunity, you need to be aware of the claims that are being made during the live stream. The benefits of having a Shaklee business must be presented accurately and you must always refer individuals to for the most up-to-date information, including current average annual incomes by rank.
  • When sharing the opportunity and/or lifestyle, you must be accurate and not make it seem like your results or any other results are guaranteed.
  • Shaklee Independent Distributors are not permitted to make medical or implied medical claims. When providing your own personal testimonial, please remember that the claims must be accurate and approved by Shaklee.
    • Even if you feel that your experience was affected by the use of Shaklee products, you cannot make statements that are not approved by Shaklee.
    • Shaklee approved claims can be found on product labels, in company produced literature, and on the company’s website.

Some best practices for posting on social media platforms:

  • Clearly present yourself as a Shaklee Independent Distributor
  • Don’t target individuals under the age of 18
  • Don’t advertise any non-Shaklee promotions
  • When sharing a Shaklee promotion, you must fully explain how someone can obtain that promotion (e.g. “You can receive 15% off your orders by signing up as a Member. Send me a PM or visit my website for more details.”)

*All trademarks property of their respective holders.

Invite to events

Events are a great way to maximize your efforts and get the word out about Shaklee. Events can be online, in-person, etc. and should be focused around specific presentations. You can hold an LYL event – Live Younger Longer (Nutrition), Look Younger Longer (Skin care), or Love Your Life (Opportunity) or host an event around specific products like a smoothie/shake party, healthy cleanse, or weight loss “Challenge” event.

When inviting people to your event, make the first invitation personal – by phone call or text. Then use evites, social media posts and event flyers as a follow up to your initial invitation.

Remember, you’ll need to invite 4-5 times as many people as you want to attend. And don’t forget to send a reminder to your confirmed guests 48 hours before your event.

Visit the LYL Event Section to learn more about hosting events around the Income Opportunity, Nutrition and Skin Care. You’ll also find planning and invitation resources.

More Resources

Social selling

Promoting a specific, demonstrable product through social media is a great way to create interest, engagement, as well as an introductory sale that can lead to a longer-term relationship.

Products could include:

  • YOUTH Eye Treatment
  • YOUTH Facial Masks
  • YOUTH BB Cream
  • 7-Day Healthy Cleanse (See below to learn more)
  • Life Shake

These products can be shared on social media through challenges, tutorials (get ready with me), or instant facial live videos. Seeing who responds or expresses interest (even if they don’t buy through social selling) can give you information for future follow ups and events.

For example, “Hey Betty, I noticed you were interested in the instant facials. I would love to share with you a skin care line that I’ve been using that I think you might love…”

Building with Social Media

Watch as Shaklee Master Coordinators Katie Odom and Rick Seymour share how to grow your business on social.

Building with Social Media using the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse

The Cleanse is a perfect product to share in social and is a great introduction to people interested in Shaklee Nutrition. It provides an immediate benefit and can serve as a jump start to a customer’s personal health goal, whether that’s weight loss or better nutrition.

Watch the overview training below to learn more about how to build in social media with the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse.

Take advantage of these other training and educational resources to learn how to build with the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse.

To find all information and resources for building with the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse, click here.



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