First 90 days.

The first milestone in building your Shaklee business is earning that first $1000 dollars. And the activities you do to reach that milestone will set you up for the next level of success.

Then you want to pass along what you learn. By learning how to share Shaklee, you can teach others to do the same and even achieve their “Why.” Develop a customer base, find business builders, and invest time to teach them to develop a team. The more you coach and develop leaders on your team, the stronger your future. Remember to be patient and stay focused on your future growth. It all starts with a solid foundation.

Learn Shaklee Path to Success

It’s time to make your dream a reality. There’s no better way to begin your business than a clear path and that all starts with your “Why.”

Discover Your Why by Asking Yourself the Following Questions

  • What am I looking for in life?
  • What is my vision for my future?
  • What would I love to have that I don’t have now?
  • If money and time were no object, what would I like to be doing?

Knowing your “Why” is connected to how successful your business can be, so be sure to revisit your “Why” along the way.

The Path to Success

  • Creating interest and generating leads by sharing Shaklee in social, through events and as you meet new people
  • Discovering the needs of the people you meet and learn how you can help
  • Sharing more about Shaklee Products and the Income Opportunity through one-on-one events, three-way calls and LYL events
  • Sponsoring new Distributors and enrolling new Members
  • Getting new people started with products or with a new Shaklee Business
  • And helping new Distributors build, multiply and reap the rewards of a Shaklee Business

Enroll 20 – 30 Members

The next step in reaching your goal to earn your first $1000 is finding 20-30 customers who want to join as Members and use Shaklee products to look younger longer, live younger longer or both.

Fortune is in the Follow Up

Following up with the people you reach out to initially can make all the difference!

Did you know:

  • Only 5% of sales/sponsoring happen on the 1st contact
  • 10% happen on the 4th
  • 80% happen on the 5th to 12th

Watch Sponsor Distributors and Enroll Members (coming soon) to learn the ins and outs of helping someone join Shaklee as a Member or Distributor.

Earn First $1,000

Let’s look at an example of how a specific monthly activity goal can help you earn $1,000 or more and reach the first big milestone in your Shaklee business.

Sharing Shaklee Nutrition

  • Enroll Members (of which six are Preferred Members) – 10 people purchase Life Plan™ [166 PV (point value) each] and 10 purchase Vitalizing Plan (111 PV each) for a total PV of 2,770
  • Sponsor three Qualified Distributors who join with two Success Packs (250 PV each) product purchases each for a total PV of 1,500

Income in one month

Income from product sold to members* $556
Income from PGV bonus $734
Income from success bonuses** $350
TOTAL $1640

Sharing YOUTH® anti-aging skin care

  • Personally enroll 20 Members (of which six are Preferred Members) – Each purchase one YOUTH Advanced Anti-Aging, Hydration or Personalized regimes for a total PV of 3,840 (192 PV each)
  • Sponsor three Qualified Distributors who join with a product purchase of two success packs for a total PV of 1,500 (250 PV each)

Income in one month

YOUTH Skin Care
Income from Product Sold to Members* $688
Income from PGV Bonus $948
Income from Success Bonuses** $350
TOTAL $1986
Personal group volume bonuses are earned on monthly purchases made by you, the Distributors, and Member in your personal group.
The average annual income in 2017 for the business leader ranks was: Director $10,658; Senior Director $14,407; Coordinator $22,217; Senior Coordinator $33,716; Executive Coordinator $48,888; Senior Executive Coordinator $63,999; Key Coordinator $96,411; Senior Key Coordinator $121.455; Master Coordinator $207,773; Senior Master Coordinator $264,275; Presidential Master Coordinator $579,520. Average annual income for each rank is calculated monthly based on information reported on: Form 1099-MISC for all US Business Leaders who achieved the rank that month. The sum of these monthly averages is the figure reported. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved.
*Calculations of the bonus on the Preferred Member purchases includes both the Personal Group Volume Bonus @ 20% and Price Differential. Price Differential Bonus paid on Distributors is paid @ 12% (the difference between 20% and 8% paid to the New Distributors
**Success Bonus amount of $325, assumes 3 Qualified Distributors and 6 Preferred Members Success Bonus circles were completed in the month. See the 2018 – 2019 Incentives Booklet for full details.



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