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New Product: Omega-3 Gellys™

Introducing the latest innovation from Shaklee Nutrition – Omega-3 Gellys – a DHA + EPA chewable Gelly for the whole family!

This potent formula delivers 3x more DHA + EPA to help support brain, heart, eye, joint, immune, and skin health.*† Thanks to a revolutionary new technology that uses emulsified droplets, Omega-3 Gellys boasts improved absorption of omega-3s.*1 And it has a delicious Strawberry Lemonade flavor the whole family will enjoy.

  • Contains 335 mg of omega-3s per gelly, including 250 mg DHA and 50 mg EPA, which is 3x more than other leading gummies†
  • Uses a groundbreaking emulsified delivery system that helps the body optimally absorb the DHA + EPA*
  • A clinical study showed improved bioavailability of DHA + EPA when these nutrients were delivered using this form1
  • Helps support healthy brain function*
  • Helps reduce the risk of heart disease by supporting a healthy heart and cardiovascular system*‡
  • Helps with joint comfort by promoting joint flexibility and helping to keep joints lubricated*
  • Helps support long-term eye health and helps keep eyes lubricated*
  • Provides immune support and support for healthy skin*

Who Might be Interested in Omega-3 Gellys™

  • Anyone interested in supporting heart health, joint health, eye-health, or healthy brain function*
  • Anyone who has tried an Omega-3 supplement in the past and had an unpleasant aftertaste or burping experience.
  • Current customers who are interested in another form for their supplements.
  • Parents looking for a supplement appropriate for their whole family.

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Here’s what your fellow Shaklee Distributors are saying about Omega-3 Gellys!

I am so impressed by this product. The taste and texture are absolutely perfect. And they come in those neat, fun POP-OUT packets. Outstanding, innovative, and HEALTHY! —Nancy B, Shaklee Executive Coordinator
Convenient and tasty. A real hit with children and those who have difficulty swallowing supplements. —Jill C, Shaklee Sr. Director
I love the idea that it is designed for both kids and adults. I also like the convenience, and the packaging is awesome. Plus, the color and size are inviting, and the taste is great. —Rita M, Shaklee Director
I love the taste of the Omega-3 Gellys and the fact that they pack more omega-3s in a smaller serving. My daughter loves them too, so it’s always a win for me! —Emilia, Shaklee Director
†Per gelly compared to other leading Gummies.
‡Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA fatty acids may reduce the risk of heart disease. See nutrition information for total fat and saturated fat content.
1.   Haug, I.J., Sagmo, L.B., Zeiss, D., Olsen, I.C., Draget, K.I. and Seternes, T. (2011), Bioavailability of EPA and DHA delivered by gelled emulsions and soft gel