The Shaklee Field is Amazing!

It’s a lot like a surfer feeling the surge of that next big electrifying wave.  Catch that excitement NOW, in the 100 Days to Amazing Facebook group

Over 2,000 Shaklee Distributors and Business Leaders are currently participating in this group, publicly declaring and challenging themselves, pursuing a consistently high level of activity, sharing Life Plan, managing their business on the go with Shaklee Connect™ – taking themselves out of their comfort zones and into the Shaklee Zone!  And Roger Barnett is sharing with you – every day! 

It’s deeply inspiring to see, and wonderful to feel the support and camaraderie that you offer one another in the process.  There truly is no culture and community as amazing as ours!  Here’s just a small sample of what’s been happening because of you and 100 Days to Amazing!  Be a part of it – join the group!    

100 Days to Amazing Facebook Group

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Been too busy to write, but had to tell all, I have taken Shaklee products for many years, but Life Plan is amazing. This morning we told the inept lawn guy we didn’t need him anymore. I can mow this lawn and get exercise at the same time. I feel the difference in less than a week.

Janice Jeans

I’m loving how the new Shaklee Connect app is helping me stay in contact with my members and sponsor new people! Yesterday, I sponsored my first person using the app as we walked out of our business networking meeting!

Karen Hurd

This is going to be an awesome few weeks, which will change the course of many lives. Adrenaline is pumping. Excitement is building. And we’ve got motion going on. Love it, and love my team.

Julie Oosterof-Veenstra

My level of motivation is off the chart and I’m just loving it!

Jake Da Muss

Just had the greatest back to back conversations with two people who have had complete health turnarounds – one using only the Vitalizer™ and the Get Clean® line! Now they are both looking into the possibility of starting their own Shaklee businesses to help others! Hearing the gratitude in people’s voices as they talk about their renewed faith in health is truly incredible and a wonderful reminder of why I am doing what I am doing!

Stacey Moran

I brought a retired great grandmother to the last Groundswell in Reston, VA. She came to the presentation last night and was engaged, taking notes, and touched by all the testimonies. The extra Life Plan made it so appealing that she decided the $649 Gold was the best option! She wants to experience the products and said if she loves the products, she will naturally do the business.

Chrystal Otterstedt

Loving me some Shaklee Family! I feel so fortunate to have Shaklee in my life – for so many reasons, what the company is and what it stands for, amazing products, and now the family! Have you ever had such a supportive, loving, encouraging group of people that you have “worked” with…ever? Another reason to love Shaklee!

Pat Seitzinger

Thank you for the great Shaklee tools! I gave a 10-minute presentation to a networking group of 9 this afternoon, made three appointments and more are interested. What did I use? The Shaklee Life Plan video found in Shaklee Connect, plus statistics from conference and my own conviction and enthusiasm!

Muriel Donaldson