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#MyShakleeStory | October Sharing Campaign

We have some amazing stories of how choosing to build a business with Shaklee has changed lives for the better. This month we want to invite you and your teams to spread the word – sharing the stories of others and your own story — and invite people to join our wellness community!

Here’s what you can do each week this month to begin sharing

Step 1

Share a Shaklee story on social media

Choose from our newly released Shaklee Stories. You can find the stories in the Shaklee Share App in the tools tab under Opportunity or on the Shaklee Tools Site. When you share the story include the following content and hashtags along with the caption provided:

This is just one of many amazing Shaklee stories! Message me if you’d like to hear how I got started with Shaklee…or want to write YOUR next chapter.



Step 2

Share your Shaklee story on social media

Talk about how and why you got started with Shaklee. Share what Shaklee has meant to you and your family. Include any experiences that you’ve been able to have because of your Shaklee Business. Make sure that you share your story in a compliant way. Include the following content, hashtags, and links with your story (in the post or in the video caption)

Are you ready to write your next chapter? Shaklee wrote the book on how to start a wellness business.  

#MyShakleeStory is just one of many success stories. Ambassadors at all experience levels are shaping their own destinies simply by sharing proven products from Shaklee. What will success look like for you?