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New Product: Meology Kids

Meology is now available for kids, too!

Meology™ Kids provides superior nutrition for kids ages 4+ with 100% DV of 8 core nutrients, 11 essential vitamins & minerals, and 3x more DHA + EPA than other leading gummies. All in one convenient daily pack that kids can design themselves.

How to Order Meology Kids

You can use the same link used for the Meology assessment to start your Meology Kids order and use the toggle to switch to Meology Kids.

Each Meology Kids™ daily pack includes:

  • Two Super Vitamin Gummies – You’ll love knowing your child is nourished, and they’ll love the Very Berry flavor! Our Super Vitamin Gummies contain core nutrients to help kids grow up well.*
  • One Omega-3 Gelly™ – Young brains and bodies need nutritional support to develop and function properly. With 3x more DHA + EPA,‡ one Omega-3 Gelly contains 300 mg of vital omega-3s to support brain, eye, immune, skin, heart, and joint health.* Plus, its Strawberry Lemonade flavor is a hit with the kids (and parents, too)!
  • One Super Immunity Gummy – Our Super Immunity Gummy packs a powerful combination of immune-supporting nutrients in a Berry Orange flavor that’ll put a smile on their face!*

Kids Can Customize!

Your kids will be able to design their Meology Kids daily pack by choosing their own icon and adding their name (or nickname!) Daily packs also include a mix of biology-based facts making for a fun and yummy experience.

Partnership with Vitamin Angels®

With every purchase of Meology Kids, Shaklee donates to Vitamin Angels® to provide life-changing nutritional support to a child in need. Vitamin Angels fights for a world where every mother has a healthy pregnancy and every child gets a chance at a healthy life. Founded in 1994, Vitamin Angels is a global public health and nutrition organization that delivers evidence-based nutrition interventions to underserved pregnant women and children under 5 in the United States and around the world. To learn more, visit

Meology Kids Pricing

#89580 | 25 SERVINGS
RETAIL PRICE: $43.30 | MEMBER PRICE: $36.85 | PV: 20.00
Includes FREE Membership for new join orders
$35 on Monthly Loyalty Order

Multi-Purchase Discount

Buy 2, Get 10% off
Buy 3 or more, Get 15% off

  1. This offer is valid in the US.
  2. Open to all Guests, Members, Distributors, and Business Leaders.
  3. The offer includes 10% off Meology Kids (#89580) when you order 2, or 15% off Meology Kids when you order 3 or more. Only the highest discount qualified for will be applied.
  4. To add Meology Kids to your cart, you must first complete a Meology Kids assessment(s) for your child(ren).
  5. Loyalty Orders (formerly Autoship orders) are included. Discounts can be combined. Your Loyalty Order must be scheduled to ship during the promotional period in order to receive the discount.
  6. Eligible orders must be placed online. This offer does not apply to orders placed through the Call Center.
  7. This offer is nontransferable and has no cash value.
  8. Shaklee reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time.

Purchase and use the products daily.

Having your own authentic experience with the product is going to be the best sharing tool, by far.

Share on Social:

Here are some ideas for creating your own content on social (most of what you post should be your own content):

  • Record a reel or stories focusing on unboxing your Meology Kids order.
  • Share images of your kids’ customized packs going with them wherever they go – to the park, to school, to a soccer game – the possibilities are endless!
  • Sprinkle in some Shaklee-provided graphics where appropriate – particularly when sharing specific product benefits and science info.

Click the image below to watch a quick video on how to locate and use your back office lists to help you share Meology Kids

Follow up and reach out

  • Respond to comments on your social content in direct message. Focus on responding to questions in a conversational way using info in the Product Sales Sheet.
  • Reach out to customers via text, email, and direct message who have expressed interest in similar products in the past (“Hey, I remember you were interested in vitamins for your children without a lot of sugar.”).
  • Engage Customers and your audience – Showcase the variety of customized icons and ask “Which one is your child’s favorite?” or “If you were making a pack for yourself, which would you pick?”
  • Back Office Lists – Take advantage of your back-office email lists to identify potential Members or prospects who might be interested in Meology Kids. To help you get started, we’ve added a list of previous purchasers of kids and baby products. Find the list under My Business>My Leads>My Lists>Kids and Baby.

The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Assets

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Product Information Sheet:

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General Social Imagery:

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Social Shareables Resources 

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Feed – English: Intro | Ingredients Facts | Supplement Info | Pack 1 | Pack 2 | Pack 3 | Pack 4 | Pack 5

Vitamin Angels Partnership:

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