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“Shaklee has helped me to be a better wife, mother and friend.”

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am married to my college sweetheart Joseph (insert Christmas Joke here).  We have three beautiful little babies; Brooklynn 6, Garrick 4 and Ananias 18 months.  I am a nurse by training, with my masters in Nursing Education.

How did you learn about Shaklee?
I learned about Shaklee through a friend. At the time my husband and I wanted to start trying again for another baby.

What made you decide to join Shaklee?
I was taking an organic whole food supplement, and was shocked to find it had one of the highest lead counts on the market, so joining Shaklee was a no brainer for me. When my husband and I joined, we did so with the intent of just using the products and maybe making a few referrals.  I was working on my master’s degree at the time and never thought I would really pursue Shaklee as a career.

What kinds of changes have you experienced since using Shaklee products?
Our whole family has had a health transformation.  I myself have lost 22* pounds! Right now, our Shaklee income covers all our supplements and some of our bills!

What is your goal for your Shaklee business?
My goal is to have sufficient income to start making new experiences for our children.  Right now, my husband commutes over an hour each way to work – so the children and I stay within walking distance of the house every day.  By May, we are hoping to have another car and enough income to start going to the zoo, aquarium and other fun experiences.  My daughter would love to take ballet.  We would love to be able to put our children in choir or piano lessons.  Little things like that are next on our list!

What are some of the intangible things you’ve experienced with Shaklee?
Shaklee has helped me to be a better wife, mother and friend.  You can’t truly explain to others what the personal growth aspect is like – it is something that has to be experienced.  But the fact that you can’t be successful without caring for others forces you to learn to love people in a way you never have before.  I have had to learn to truly serve other people, and it is life changing.

What are some of the specific things you’ve been doing to grow your business?
Since Cleveland, I have spent time writing my vision and my why and creating affirmations to help me with my mindset.  I love participating in the many different training opportunities that are offered in the Shaklee Family.  The weekly upline calls, and the Shaklee Mom’s Calls with Kristen Cunningham have been instrumental for me. Right now, I have one Director under me, and multiple distributors that are earning enough to cover the cost of their products.  I love looking at my bonus statement each month and seeing the different families who have their product cost covered!

What one piece of advice would you share with your fellow Distributors?
Don’t give up!  Keep your head up!  Keep your vision and your “why” handy.  They will keep you motivated.  Be willing to change your thinking when you need it.  Any activity, no matter how small is a step in the right direction!  If I can do it, anyone can!  I love to show other moms and young people that it is totally possible to build a business without a car, from your home, during the day with little kids running around!

*Results and experiences from the Shaklee 180® Program are unique to each person, so results may vary. In a preliminary 12-week clinical study, participants on average lost 15.4 pounds and 6.7 inches in 12 weeks.

*These earnings, bonuses, and incentive achievements are not typical. See the Average Annual Earnings statement [link to:] for full average earnings data. For information on all incentives, including the Quarterly Incentive, see the current year Incentive Booklet [link to:].