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Member Benefits and Loyalty Rewards

Now there are even greater benefits for purchasing Shaklee products. Introducing new Shaklee Member Benefits and Loyalty rewards!

New Member Benefit: Free or Flat-Rate Shipping*

Now all Shaklee Members will enjoy FREE shipping on orders of $150 or more and $8 on all other orders.

New Distributor Benefit: Shipping and Handling Banked Dollars**
We’re rewarding all Distributors and above by banking what you spend on shipping and handling as points you can redeem for product purchases to reinvest in your business.** Program begins in early 2020 but we’re granting early access to begin accruing points starting August 1, 2019.

All Members are now Preferred Members and eligible to participate in the Shaklee Loyalty Rewards program. And as always, Members enjoy 15% off all Shaklee product purchases.

Early Access to All Shaklee Family: Loyalty Points
All Shaklee Family Members can earn up to 15% back in points on consecutive qualifying Autoship orders of $100 or more. † The longer you participate, the greater the reward. Each point earned is $1 toward Shaklee products. Program begins in early 2020 but we’re granting early access to begin accruing points starting August 1, 2019.

Enjoy a Birthday Gift

Starting early 2020, you’ll get a free product during your birthday month when you place an Autoship order of $100 or more.

*Distributors and above are ineligible for the Free + Flat-Rate Shipping.
**Banked Shipping Points capped at $50 per month. See the full loyalty rules at
†Must order each month to retain points. Loyalty Points apply to the first $1000 ordered each month. Distributor Autoship orders must be placed by the 15th of the month to qualify for Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points, Banked Shipping Points, and the Free Birthday Gift are available early 2020.
Eligibility and Timing:
  • Loyalty Rewards is available to all Preferred Members, Distributors, and Business Leaders.
  • The Loyalty Rewards program and point accumulation on qualifying orders begins on August 1, 2019. Earned points can be redeemed starting early 2020.
How to Earn Points:
  • Earn up to 15% back in points on your consecutive Autoship orders of $100 or more.1
  • A qualifying order is an Autoship order of $100 or more at your price tier (exclusive of shipping & handling and applicable taxes). 1
  • Make sure you place an order each month to keep your Loyalty Rewards points. If no Autoship order is placed, you will revert to 5% earning level.
  • A minimum order of $1 or more must be placed during the month to keep previously accrued points. Point balance will reduce to zero if no order is placed during a calendar month.
  • Distributors and above can earn points on orders between the 1st and 15th of the month, while Preferred Members can earn points on qualifying orders the entire month.
  • Loyalty points apply to the first $1,000 in qualifying orders each month.
How to Redeem Points:
  • To redeem points, you must have the full amount of points needed for a product. 1 point = $1 to redeem toward product.
  • An order of $100 or more is required to redeem points.2
  • Points can be redeemed on most Shaklee products, except for business tools, Shaklee Style, Shaklee Cares®, join kits, and accessories.
  • Starting early 2020, a free birthday product will automatically be added to your order when you place a qualifying order during the birthday month of the primary account member.
  • New Preferred Members and Distributors must wait 30 days from joining to redeem points or receive a free birthday product.
Point Value and Expiration:
  • Points are nontransferable and have no cash or PV value.
  • Points expire one year from the date earned.3
  • Points are not applicable toward prior purchases or charges.
Product Returns and Resale:
  • If a product obtained with points is returned, the points are not returned to your account.
  • If a product on which you earned points is returned, the corresponding points will be deducted from your balance.
For Distributors and Business Leaders Only:
  • Shaklee Distributors and Business Leaders can earn up to 50 points per month based on dollars spent on shipping.
  • Earn 1 point for each $1 spent on shipping.
  • Products purchased with points are not for resale.
Shaklee reserves the right to change or cancel the Loyalty Rewards program at any time.
1Minimum Autoship order of $150 is required for participants living in Canada.
2Minimum order of $150 is required to redeem for participants living in Canada.
3See separate rule for Ontario, Canada.
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