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New Life Shake™

Our new perfectly sweetened and delightfully decadent meal shake is here! Learn more about reformulated Life Shake™ and find fun tips and tools for sharing this healthy and heavenly offering from Shaklee.

Life Shake
Naturally Nourishing. Delightfully Decadent.

Our truly delicious new shake formula is a complete and healthy meal in a glass, with 20 grams of protein and 6 grams of fibre per serving, plus 24 essential vitamins and minerals. It has an improved fibre system, which delivers a richer and smoother texture, and it’s perfectly sweetened with our new sweetener system (Reb M + 5 grams of natural cane sugar per serving).

Life Shake Pricing

MP: $49.95
14 servings per canister ($3.57/shake)

Soy Protein PV: 32.10
Plant Protein PV: 29.60

It takes just 2 scoops to get:

  • Strong Muscles – Includes 20 grams of ultra-pure, non-GMO protein per serving, with precise ratios of all nine essential amino acids to help build strong muscles and protective antibodies.
  • 24 Essential Vitamins and Minerals – Clinically proven to support cardiovascular, brain, bone, immune, and overall health. Includes 200 mg of calcium plus ALA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid, and more.
  • Support for Healthy Digestion – With added digestive enzymes to provide comfort. Also includes 6 grams of dietary fibre per serving to promote colon health and regularity.
  • A Perfectly Sweetened, Low-Glycemic Meal – Features our new sweetener system (Reb M + 5 grams of natural cane sugar per serving) to support healthy blood sugar levels.
  • A Healthy Weight You Can Maintain – Powered by Leucine® to help you build lean muscle, burn fat, and improve your metabolism.*

Life Shake is non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, kosher, and keto friendly. With 150–170 calories per serving, it’s a healthy base to build on. Customize your Life Shake with your favourite ingredients including fruit, vegetables, or nut butters.

Four Premium Flavours

Just add 8 oz (237 mL) of water or your favourite dairy or dairy-substitute beverage.

French Vanilla – Soy and Plant
Rich Chocolate – Soy and Plant
Strawberry – Soy
Café Latte – Soy

Sweet Story: Meet Reb M

Reb M (rebaudioside M) is a breakthrough in the world of zero-calorie natural sweeteners.

It’s sustainably made via sugar cane fermentation, tastes like sugar, and leaves no aftertaste. Combining Reb M with 5 grams of natural cane sugar allows us to create our delicious low-glycemic Life Shake with 20 grams of protein and 6 grams of dietary fibre per serving to help minimize normal blood sugar spikes and crashes, so you can feel satisfied for hours.

*As part of the Shaklee 180® Program. Clinical study participants replaced two meals with Shaklee Life Shakes daily and followed a 45-minute exercise program twice weekly. See full details of Life Shake clinical studies at

This delicious new shake creates a great opportunity for you to introduce new people to Shaklee. And we have a great way for you to share using social as a starting point.

Step #1: Set A Start Date for Your Accountability Challenge Group

Set a start date for your first “Reset Your Routine” accountability challenge group. Set a goal of how many people you want to help during your first group. Accountability groups are fun and help your members have great product experiences, finish their regimens, and experience the Shaklee community.

You can run multiple accountability groups at the same time. Consider starting a new group every Monday to help get your members started quickly and get results.

Step #2: Create Curiosity

Use social media to create curiosity about Life Shake and your upcoming “Reset Your Routine” accountability challenge group. Share how easy and convenient it is to use Life Shake as an on-the-go breakfast, and how to add the protein (dry mix) to treats for your family. Ask your audience questions about their breakfast/health/wellness routines.

Step #3: Invite People to Join Your Challenge Group

Always be inviting people to join you in your accountability challenge group. Use the special limited-time offers to entice people to join. For a limited time, when they purchase a Challenge Pack, they also received a free 30-Day Healthy Eating Meal Guide. Resetting your routine is more fun with a friend. Encourage participants to have friends join them in the challenge. As your group grows, so do the rewards! When your accountability group has at least 3 members, you’ll all receive a 30-day at-home fitness guide and a Shaklee Shaker Bottle (while supplies last).

Step #4: Continue to Connect With People Every Day

Continue to connect with people every day through one-on-one conversations, social media, and virtual evets. During these conversations, invite them to join your accountability challenge group and purchase a Challenge Pack.

Not everyone is ready to make a purchase during the first conversation. Follow up with them and invite them to a virtual pop-up event. Here you’ll share a fun and relevant “life hacks” or easy recipes with your guests that will help you introduce Life Shake. Offer them something extra for showing up (e.g., a copy of your recipes). Virtual events are another way to invite your audience to purchase a Challenge Pack and join your “Reset Your Routine” accountability challenge group.

Step #5: Share the Opportunity

As people participate in your accountability challenge group, they’ll experience the fun of working with Shaklee. Follow up with participants during and after the challenge group to show them how they can get started running their own challenge groups and earning an income.

Invite guests who attended your virtual pop-up to a Work From Anywhere Business Pop-up event, where you can share the Shaklee Income Opportunity.


Editable Event Invitations for a Virtual Pop-up (PPT):

Tips and Tools for Your Virtual Pop-up Event:

Click here for resources you can use to host your Business Pop-up event

*These videos were produced in the United States and may include some differences between products sold in Canada and those sold in the United States, or product claims that have not been authorized and/or approved by Health Canada.

Thank you everyone who registered an Accountability Challenge Group! The registration is now closed. Those who registered by the deadline will receive:

  • Register your accountability challenge group by Wednesday, July 8 and get a FREE 30-day meal plan e-book (available July 1) to share as a value-added benefit for new people who purchase a Challenge Pack and join your July accountability challenge group.
  • Enrol three or more new people in your July accountability group and get a limited-edition Shaklee Shaker Cup for you and the members of your group PLUS a FREE 30-day fitness plan e-book (available July 1) you can share.
  • When you register your group, all your Prove It Challenge sales from June 17 through July 31 will automatically count toward your Accountability Challenge Group participants.
Note: to count as one of your three to receive the 30-day fitness plan and Shaklee Shaker Cup, an accountability group member must be a brand-new Shaklee Preferred Member or Distributor you personally enrolled and who joined Shaklee between June 17 and July 31 with a Prove It Challenge Kit or an Immunity Challenge Pack.
†While supplies last.



*Click here for instructions on how to download and use animations.

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Event Resources

Click here for resources you can use to host your Business Pop-up event

*These videos were produced in the United States and may include some differences between products sold in Canada and those sold in the United States, or product claims that have not been authorized and/or approved by Health Canada.

Invitations and Recipe Cards


Peach Cobbler Shake

Overnight Oats

Energy Frappe

Apple Pie à la Mode Shake


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