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Immunity Challenge Pack

Introduce new people to Shaklee with the Immunity Challenge Pack – a complete nutritional boost that delivers daily essentials to build optimal immunity and support overall health.*

SKU# 89549 | SPECIAL PRICE $159
Includes Free Shipping. First Time Purchase Only.
Previous Purchasers of the Prove It Challenge™ not eligible for $159 special price

Earn With the Immunity Challenge Pack: English

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Prove It Bonuses

To make it easy for you and your teams to share this new way to join Shaklee, the Immunity Challenge Pack bonuses work the same way as the Prove It Challenge Bonuses.

  • You will earn a $25—every time you personally sponsor a new Preferred Member or Distributor with an Immunity Challenge Pack or Prove It Challenge™.
  • There is no limit to the number of Prove It bonuses you can earn monthly or in your lifetime.
  • When you earn three $25 Prove It Bonuses in a calendar month, we will double it for a total of $150.

To see full bonus rules, click here.

The Immunity Challenge Pack includes

VITALIZER™ (30 Daily Servings)

Your daily nutritional boost, including what you need to build a strong immune system with zinc, vitamins A, C, D, and more.*

LIFE SHAKE™ (30 Daily Servings)

A healthy immune-supporting meal replacement packed with 20 g protein and 23 essential vitamins and minerals.*

FREE NUTRIFERON® (30 Daily Servings)

Specialized, daily immune support to help maintain healthy immune function.*

Prove It Challenge™ and Immunity Challenge Pack

Join with the Prove It Challenge™ including a Free 7-Day Healthy Cleanse or with the Immunity Challenge Pack including a Free NutriFeron® for the special price of $159—and Free Shipping.

  1. Offer valid in the US starting April 4, 2020.
  2. Open to new Preferred Members and Distributors.
  3. All existing Preferred Members and Distributors will have a one-time opportunity to purchase the Prove It Challenge™ or the Immunity Challenge Pack for $159, regardless of price tier.
  4. To take advantage of this promotional price and Free Standard Shipping on the entire order, your cart must contain a Prove It Challenge™ #89526 or the Immunity Challenge Pack #89549. Orders that include the 5- or 30-gallon size of Classic Basic-H® are not eligible for Free Shipping.
  5. Offer valid once per Shaklee User ID.
  6. Eligible orders must be placed online.
  7. This offer does not apply to orders placed through the Call Center.
  8. The Free product cannot be returned for cash or product credit or exchanged for another product type.
  9. Shaklee reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time. Offer good while supplies last.

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