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Free Product with Qualifying Shaklee Healthprint™ Purchase

Help new people take the next step in their health journey with Shaklee Healthprint. And now through 12/31/20, first time purchasers of the advanced or comprehensive Healthprint recommendation will receive a free product based upon their health goals.

HEALTHPRINT™ Special Offer Ends 12/31/20
Healthprint is designed to help people get on the path to better health. And to support people who are kicking off (or continuing) their health journey, we’ve created two special offers for Members or Distributors who complete a Healthprint Assessment and make a first time purchase of the recommended products at the Advanced or Comprehensive level.

Purchase the Advanced Product RecommendationPurchase the Comprehensive Product Recommendation
Receive a Free Product based on top personalized health goalReceive a Free Product based on top personalized health goal
and Free Membership (if not yet a Member)Free Shipping* and
Free Membership (if not yet a Member)

How to take advantage of one of these offers:

  • Complete the Healthprint Assessment
  • Click “ADD ALL TO CART” under the Advanced or Comprehensive product recommendation.
  • The Free Product, Free Membership and/or Free Shipping will automatically be added to your cart for FREE based on your purchase.
The Rules:
  1. You can get this exclusive offer in the US and Canada between July 23, 2019 and December 31, 2020.
  2. Feel free to take advantage of this offer if you are a new or existing Member, Distributor or Associate. Business Leaders…you know the deal, you can’t participate directly, but you can share like crazy! Guests? Absolutely — this is a great way to join Shaklee and become a Member for free ($19.95 value).
  3. To get this offer, you’ve got to order online or on mobile after completing a Shaklee Healthprint™ Assessment and you have to purchase either the Advanced or Comprehensive product recommendation.
  4. Want something a little different than the recommendation? Click “Add All To Cart” and then you can change up the products in your cart while you’re in the checkout process. But to get the offer, the order has to be at least as much as the original recommendation — before shipping, handling, and tax are added.
  5. This free product + free shipping offer is so juicy we’re only offering it one time per Shaklee Member or Distributor ID after August 17, 2018.
  6. We want to help you along your health journey, so the free product selection will be based on your top health goal.
  7. The value of the product can range between $16.45 and $49.95 at Member price. You’ll be responsible for the sales tax and any incremental shipping and handling on the free product.
  8. How much do you get in free shipping? Glad you asked…it’s up to $20 in standard — not expedited — shipping. The average shipping cost for most Shaklee orders is $8.99. BUT, if your calculated shipping is over $20, we’ll apply that $20 credit first. Anything over the $20 will be charged to you, the purchaser (or shared according to any Ship Share agreements in place).
  9. One last thing — there is no point value (PV) on the free product and it can’t be returned for cash or product credit, or exchanged for another product.
  10. This offer is subject to change or cancellation at any time with or without notice.

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Free Product by Health Goal

Top Health GoalFree Product
Overall HealthAlfalfa Complex 330 (+Greens)
Healthy HeartCoQHeart® with Q-Trol® (30 Count) (+Heart)
Joint ComfortJoint Health Complex (+Joint)
Strong BonesOsteoMatrix (+Bone)
Healthy AgingCarotoMax® (30 Count) (+Eye)
Immune SupportVitalized Immunity™ (+Immunity)
Sharp Memory and FocusMindWorks* (+Mind)
More EnergyCorEnergy (+Energy)
Healthy DigestionOptiflora DI (+Probiotic)
Weight LossShaklee 180® Snack Bars (Assorted)
Better SleepGentle Sleep Complex (+Sleep)
Stress ReductionStress Relief Complex (+Relief)
Staying FitOrganic Greens Booster (+Greens)

Healthprint Reports

Now you can continue to track the number of completed Healthprint assessments on your My Business Dashboard at (login required).

You can see the number of completed assessments within the three different time frames — 7 days, one month and 6 months — so you can track completed Healthprint assessments as a part of your own business goals.

The section will link to a report of the individual completed assessments with new information to inform your follow up.  For example, each person’s Health Goals are listed right on the report so you don’t have to click and scroll through each person’s full results. And, we’ve added an area where you can identify which people you’ve followed up with.


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