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Get Up and Grow Quarterly Incentive | January – March 2022

This is your year of growth, and we’re rewarding you when you go the extra mile to share Shaklee with new people!

Focus on 2&1 – through Distributor Sponsoring and Star Club over the next three months to earn up to $1,500!

The Quarterly Incentive Program is a series of four 90-day sprints that reward you when you accomplish specific goals. Each quarter has a special prize that you will earn when you meet those goals.

Earn All Four: When you focus on the quarterly activities, you also earn points toward the Star Club Trip, and when you complete and earn all four quarterly incentives, you earn the Star Club Incentive Trip for one!

Do the following this quarter (January 1 – March 31, 2022) to earn an additional $200 Bonus!

  • Earn 3 Star Club Bonuses* (2&1 every month)
  • Personally sponsor 3 new Distributors (2&1 every month)
  • Complete 1 Loyalty Order

Or double your efforts AND promote a first-generation Director between January 1 and March 31, 2022, to earn $1,500!

  • Earn 6 Star Club Bonuses* (4&2 every month)
  • Personally sponsor 6 new Distributors (4&2 every month)
  • Complete 1 Loyalty Order
  • Promote 1 new Director (joined Shaklee any time in 2021 or later)
    • New First Generation Director – the new 1st Generation  Paid As Director must promote to Director for the first time in January, February or March PV months and they must have joined Shaklee in 2021

Leadership Category

Shaklee Key Coordinators or above are eligible to earn a quarterly incentive when they help five or more Distributors or Associates in their personal groups earn the quarterly incentive. To be eligible for this category, a Key Coordinator or above must have been paid as the rank of Key Coordinator or above for four months in 2021.

*See the Star Club rules here.
Anyone creating and/or placing product orders through fake Distributor/Business Leader accounts or using the credit card of another person without their permission, or otherwise attempting to manipulate or game this incentive will be subject to all remedies for breach of contract set forth in the P&R, up to and including termination.
Company’s Right to Change/Cancel Incentive Programs and/or Terms – Changes
Shaklee may, at its discretion, alter, limit, or modify the Get Up and Grow Quarterly Incentive program. Company reserves the right to change or modify Incentive Program terms and conditions or terminate any Incentive Program at any time, for any reason, without prior notice. Your continued participation in any Incentive Program will confirm your acceptance of such changes. The Company reserves the right to monitor the accounts of all participants, at any time and without notice, for compliance with Incentive Program rules. All interpretations of Incentive Program terms and conditions are at the Company’s sole discretion, and the Company’s decisions will be final. In the event of any discrepancy between the English version and any translated version of any Incentive Program rules, the English language version will govern.
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