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Get Rewarded Incentive | Now through 10/31

When you focus on NEW – new conversations with new people that add to new Distributors and Members – you can earn exclusive signature Shaklee-branded apparel to represent your Shaklee pride…and spark more conversations with more new people!


Product sales from the new people you sponsor now through the end of October will help you qualify for Shaklee-branded swag. Volume from product purchases by new Members and Distributors you personally sponsor between 9/24/21 – 10/31/21 becomes “Incentive PV” that can qualify you for rewards. Earn rewards when you hit each of the following Incentive PV targets:

  • 500 Incentive PV
  • 1000 Incentive PV
  • 1500 Incentive PV

Qualification Period

9/24/21 – 10/31/21

Who can participate?

Open to all Distributors, Associates, and Business Leaders.


Get Rewarded with Shaklee-branded swag. The rewards are cumulative, so you can earn all 3 rewards if you achieve 1500 Incentive PV:

500 Incentive PV1000 Incentive PV1500 Incentive PV
Shaklee Branded HatShaklee Branded HatShaklee Branded Hat
Shaklee Branded T-ShirtShaklee Branded T-Shirt
Shaklee Branded Hoodie / Sweatshirt


Who counts toward your Incentive PV:

  • All Group Volume that comes from newly sponsored Members and Distributors that join between 9/24/21 and 10/31/21. All product purchases from Members and Distributors sponsoring during the incentive timeframe will count toward the Incentive PV.
    • Example: Jared personally sponsors Julie as a new Member on 9/25/21 with a 100 PV order. Then on 10/20/21, Julie places another 200 PV order. Jared’s Incentive PV is 300 PV.
  • The duplication effect. If you sponsor any new Distributors between 9/24/21 and 10/31/21 and they sponsor new Members and Distributors during the same timeframe, their PV will also count toward your Incentive PV.
    • Example: Natalie personally sponsors Preston as a new Distributor on 9/30/21 with a 250 PV order. Then on 10/20/21, Preston sponsors Jason as a new Member with a 250 PV order. Natalie’s Incentive PV is 500 PV.

Additional Rules

  • Each Shaklee ID can earn a maximum of 1 Hat, 1 T-Shirt, and 1 Hoodie.
  • Sizes and Shipping Address will be requested from all qualifiers in early November. All Qualifiers must respond to the Google Form sent to them with the requested information by November 12th to be eligible to receive their awards.
  • PV Transfers to newly sponsored Members and Distributors that join between 9/24/21 and 10/31/21 will not be included in Incentive PV.
  • Shaklee reserves the right to monitor the accounts of all participants, at any time and without notice, for compliance with the Statement of Privileges and Responsibilities of Shaklee Family Members.
  • Shaklee reserves the right to alter, modify, or cancel the Get Rewarded incentive at any time.
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