Story and Post

november, 2020

19nov12:00 am11:59 pmStory and PostShare a story and a post today! 


Event Details

Share a story and a post today! 

  • POST IDEA: Share what you are doing for Personal Development
  • STORY IDEA: Host Business Pop Up: Tease Event, free tools, your community & Invite others to join your event

Social stories are designed to drive engagement, build curiosity and to be fun! As we get more comfortable posting videos on our stories, we will be more comfortable hosting virtual events. It takes a little bit of practice to get used to talking onto the camera while looking at yourself. Everyone who is good at this felt weird in the beginning. We know you can do it! This month focus on sharing video content on your stories and your posts!  

The beauty of stories is that they only last for 24 hours so you can focus on having fun and not stressing about perfection. If you have a great story series or share product information- consider saving it to a highlight.  

Summer Incentive Prompts you can use daily

Seasonal Story Prompts

Poll Ideas

  • How you are resetting your routine 
  • Your Daily Life Strip 
  • Your Daily Life Shake 
  • How you are using Life Shake in other recipes 
  • Your At Home workouts 
  • Recipes from the summer meal guide 
  • Success stories from your accountability group  
  • How your accountability group works 
  • Client product stories  
  • How to Cash in on Summer by starting a business 
  • Upcoming virtual events and trainings  
  • How building a team helps your business 
  • Why join now
  • What is your favorite part of summer? 
  • How are you making summer fun at home or on staycations? 
  • What is your new summer schedule for you/your family/your children?  
  • What is your favorite way to stay active in the summer? 
  • How are you getting out in nature safely? 
  • What would you do if summer lasted all year long? 
  • Do you love or hate summer? 
  • Are you having a family reunion? What are your traditions or favorite games? 
  • What are you back to school tradition?  
  • How has back to school shopping changes/stayed the same 
  • What is school looking like in your area 
  • How are you preparing for a nontraditional school year? 
  • How do you prepare your family for a new school year/schedule? 
  • Are you ready to reset your routine?
  • Grill out or cook in 
  • Hamburger or hot dog 
  • Potato salad or Macaroni salad 
  • Green salad or fruit salad 
  • Popsicle or ice cream 
  • Splash pad or slip and slide 
  • Dive in the pool or lay out  
  • Beach or pool 
  • Sunscreen or Tanning Oil 
  • Lake or Beach 
  • Boating or wave runners  
  • Paddle Board or Kayak

Need more ideas?  Use the Social Prompts idea document for inspiration! 

Use the Business Prompts document for tips on regularly sharing Shaklee with your community.

And don’t forget to check out the Social Media 101 document to learn the basics about building your brand and business in social.