“I’m actually starting to become the person I wanted to be…”

“I’m actually starting to become the person I’ve wanted to be” — Eva R.

Eva joined Shaklee two years ago.  And though she had an amazing health story and was great at sharing the Shaklee products and philosophy with everyone she knew, she heard a lot of “no’s.”

A little discouraging, but Eva persisted.  Then in January 2015, something changed for Eva and her business.  Her belief system changed.  And along with that came a commitment to work her business and lead a team, no matter what.

“In January of this year, I made a decision to really take action and make this business work.  I decided to let go of fear and stand very bold, for Shaklee.

My first two years, I was ‘too involved’ in my business, and what I mean by that was that I had been thinking too much about my own needs, and what I needed to do to be successful, wondering what I had to do to get to ranks and hold them, and would I ever go on one of these trips?  Fear and doubt just had a really strong hold on me.  But I realized I needed to take myself out of the equation and start focusing on helping others by doing the simple things that Shaklee teaches us to do:

  1. Reaching out to people and listening. I really had to start listening, and stop talking so much.
  2. Sharing ALL of what Shaklee has to offer – and that included the business. I wasn’t really sharing the business in the past.
  3. Following up.

Then, repeating those steps consistently. I became laser-focused on these repeatable steps, and started to notice a shift in my business. I began to see a consistency I had not seen before.”

Eva started to attract people who wanted what she had to offer and share.  She became a Director in March. Then, in the first 20 days of 100 Days to Amazing, Eva double-promoted to Coordinator!

Eva says, “This is all happening because I am meeting people where they are and offering solutions in their health and their finances and showing them the possibilities of having a Shaklee business.

I’m very grateful for every experience, whether it’s good or bad, because I can celebrate and learn from both. The ‘no’s and no thank you’s’ don’t bother me nearly as much as they used to. I don’t take them personally because other people’s decisions are not about me, they are about them.

I’ve learned not to give up – even on the 11th hour – like on August 31st when the confirming PV came through that moved me to Coordinator and moved my friend Cindy to Director.  And this was after Shelby became Director…only hours earlier!  We ran this race together until the very end along with some heavy support from our upline.

I’m actually starting to become the person I’ve wanted to be for so long, and Shaklee is the vehicle to help me and my team reach our goals.  I believe in my heart that we attract who we are and what we are.  I want to be a positive, hopeful and uplifting leader; I want to continue to surround myself with positive people, teammates and mentors at Shaklee.  And now I’m able to pour that positivity in my own team.  I can’t wait to watch my team grow and I’m so excited for the opportunities ahead.”

Eva started thinking like a Leader, and envisioning her life as a Master Coordinator, and we believe she is going to get there! It all starts with belief…then continuing to develop and refine the skills to take the necessary action needed to get the results you want, both personally and in your business!

Watch out, Shaklee Family!  The Eva-lution has begun.

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