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New Product: Dream Serene

Dream Serene helps you fall asleep, stay sleep, and alleviate occasional sleeplessness.* This patent-pending formula contains melatonin4 and a proprietary blend of valerian, lemon balm, and L-theanine to promote more restful sleep.*

  • Contains melatonin, an ingredient shown to help regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster.* 1,2,3

  • Contains a clinically tested blend of valerian and lemon balm, which act synergistically to promote sleep and improve sleep quality*5

  • Vegetarian soft gel capsule.

Tips for Sharing

Over 1/3 of US adults report sleeping less than 8 hours per day​, making Dream Serene a great product to share with new customers as an add-on to core nutrition such as Meology™ or Meology™ Prove It Challenge®. It can also be a great “try and see” product for people hesitant to start with personalized nutrition or an add-on to a regular customer’s loyalty order.

Here are some ideas for sharing this product in social:

  • Share your excitement to try the product and tease your experience – talk about your own anticipation for receiving and trying the product. (Anyone getting enough sleep? Me neither. That’s why I am super excited to try this new product from my company…tonight! Watch my stories tomorrow to see how it went. Or if you’re curious now, DM me for a shopping link.)
  • Share your authentic experience through reels and stories. Focus on how you’re including it in your evening routine. Did you fall asleep faster? Sleep more soundly, or wake up more refreshed? These are the results and reviews your audience is looking for.
  • Sprinkle in some Corporate-supplied content when you want to focus on product benefits or ingredients. (“A lot of people have been asking me about what’s in my new favorite sleep product…”)

Sharing Resources

Product Information Sheet:

Top 3 Benefits / Reasons to Buy Dream Serene™:

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*All trademarks property of their respective holders

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†  May 2017​