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Distributor Success Bonus Program

The beauty of a Shaklee business is that you have the flexibility to focus on the things you’re passionate about – whether it’s skin care, fitness, weight management…or a combination of all the above.

With the Success Bonus Program, new people can get started sharing the Shaklee products they’re interested in and begin earning right away.

The program also creates a simple, easy to duplicate path for sustainable growth — for new and existing Distributors.


Sponsor New People at a Target Level of Participation

  • A Preferred Member is a Member who enrolled after August 10, 2017, who places a $150 or more order on Autoship. The $150 consists of total product value minus all discounts, taxes and shipping and handling fees. There is no time limit to when a Member can place a $150 or more on Autoship, to become Preferred Member.
  • Qualified Distributors – A Qualified Distributor is a person who joins with a $49.95 New Distributor Welcome Kit and purchases one or more Success Packs until the end of their first full calendar month, no matter when they join or upgrade. Alternatively, new people can unlock Qualified Distributor Benefits by purchasing a New Distributor Welcome Kit and paying a $150 fee.

Earn an Instant Bonus for Sponsoring Qualified Distributors

  • Earn $50 each time you sponsor a Qualified Distributor on their purchase of 1 or more Success Packs.

Earn More When You Sponsor in Increments of Three

  • Earn $25 Success Bonus—Every time you Sponsor 3 New Preferred Members within three rolling months.
  • When you sponsor 3 New Qualified Distributors within three rolling months, you will earn an additional $150 Success Bonus on products purchased.


With Success Bonuses, you receive the bonus you've earned the next business day after you've earned it – when you're on Direct Deposit with Shaklee.  How cool is that?  See the chart below for the schedule of Success Bonus payments following qualified sponsoring.


See the links below to learn more about how you can use the Success Bonus Program to grow your Shaklee business by focusing on specific product categories:


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