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Close the Month Strong!

Got your sights set on Dream Trip or the Top Achievers International Trip?  Trying to advance in rank to earn extra bonuses in our $20K in 2020 incentive?  Looking to grow your Business?  It all starts with creating monthly goals and closing your month strong!  Use these tips to achieve the goals you set for yourself!

And don’t forget…you’re never alone!  You’ve always got a lifeline in your Upline leader!  They can help you strategize on how best to finish your goals and they will support you every step of the way.

For more tools and resources to support your business, visit Shaklee Product/Business Sharing Tools page.

“See the People.”

As Dr. Shaklee himself famously said, “See the people!”  Grow your consumer base by raising your profile in the community as a subject matter expert on the benefits of healthy living and wellness.  Host events in the community (using our handy presentations), share product and Business success stories on social media.

Develop your business builders by nurturing their potential and keep your team inspired by highlighting recent team wins.

It all starts with getting out there and “seeing the people.”

Mine Your Lists

Leverage the power of your Shaklee Distributor Back Office with a little list-building!

  • Is anyone in your personal group is close to becoming a Business Leader?  Make a list of these people and prepare them to take the next stage in their Shaklee journey.
  • Do you have Members and customers who haven’t placed an order recently?  Use the Personal Group No Order 3+ Months report to reach out to them and encourage repeat orders.
  • Which of your regular customers would be excited about this month’s special offers?
  • Who are the people you’ve been talking to about the Shaklee Business Opportunity who haven’t made a decision yet?
  • Who hasn’t reordered after the Prove It Challenge?
  • Put them all down on a list!  Then, reach out and follow up!  Use the ShakleeWeekly tracker in the Distributor Back Office to help you stay accountable.

As always, make sure you’ve completed your follow ups from previous presentations and conversations and Next Best Actions.

Mine Your Social Connections

Your followers on social media are a great source of leads.  Tap into the power of your social media community!  Share (posts and stories) consistently on social media so that your followers can see you regularly on their timelines.  A good rule of thumb is that 80% of your content should be about you (family, hobbies, healthy lifestyle) with only 20% of your content explicitly about Shaklee.

Take notice of who has been watching your stories, and send them a direct message engaging with them more and inviting them to take the Prove It Challenge or try other Shaklee products, based upon their needs.

Don’t forget to check the engagement on your posts.  Look for those who have commented on your posts recently that aren’t part of your team.  Take the conversation to direct message and invite them to take the Prove It Challenge or try other Shaklee products, based upon their needs.

Then follow up to encourage reorders!

Visit our social success page for training and tips on building your business and brand online.