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Chairmans Retreat Incentive Qualifications

How is your PGV “PLUS” calculated for qualification?

Your base PGV “PLUS” is the cumulative PGV for the five-month period of February 2015 – June 2015, or 10,000 PGV (whichever is greater).  We want to encourage you to break out new Business Leaders so we will include the PGV of any new First Generation Business Leaders when we calculate your qualifying PGV during the incentive period. That is the “PLUS”. Here’s how it works.  In the month your new leader breaks out, their PGV is already included in yours.  Then each month for the remainder of the qualification period that they continue to maintain as a Business Leader, we will add their PGV to your PGV.  You may hear us refer to this as PGV “PLUS” or just PGV for this incentive.  Your base PGV or PGV “PLUS” was calculated in the same way.

What is PGV “PLUS”?

PGV “PLUS” is made up of your personal group volume (PGV), plus all of the personal group volume (PGV) of your New 1st Generation Business Leaders promoted during the incentive period. (August 1 – December 31, 2015)

How do I know what my base is and how can I track my progress?

Shortly after Shaklee Live in Cleveland, all Shaklee Business Leaders will receive a letter by mail with your PGV base (also referred to as PGV “PLUS” information.) That is your starting point. Then in late September, you’ll receive an email with a link to a tracker that will enable you to chart your progress toward earning the incentive.

Important notice if you registered for Orlando after 9/15 or became a Business Leader in September
Please note that if you register for Orlando after 9/15 or become a Business Leader in the month of September your tracker for the Chairman’s Retreat will not be visible until the last week of October.

Promotion Details

  • Reward will be based on the highest Milestone achieved.  The higher the milestone you reach the more valuable your reward will be.
  • To be eligible for this incentive, you must be an attendee at the 2015 Shaklee Live in Cleveland or be registered to attend the 2016 Shaklee Live in Orlando by September 30, 2015. In addition, you must be a Business Leader at least one month between February 2015 – September 2015.
  • Promote a new First Generation Director during the five-month incentive period and we will count the PGV of this new Business Leader for the duration of the incentive period as part of your PGV “PLUS” milestone.
  • Business Leaders who have a five-month cumulative base lower than 10,000 PGV will have their base set at 10,000 PGV “PLUS”.
  • All qualifiers must be a Shaklee Business Leader, with no Volume Grace Months or waivers, in December 2015 PV month in order to receive their reward.
  • The PGV increase must be new volume.  Therefore, the PGV of Business Leaders who revert and whose volume rolls up to you during the qualification period will not count.
  • The company will not permit any reorganization or sponsorship line movement to aide in the Chairman’s Leadership Retreat qualification.
  • Training and Recognition are key components to the Chairman’s Retreat.  All attendees must be on record with Shaklee as a member of the qualifying distributorship.

 Award Details

  • Tier 1 – iPad® Mini. This reward will be mailed to each qualifier in February 2016.
  • Tier 2 – The reward of a $750 Orlando Marriott World Center credit voucher is eligible to use between August 1 – 8, 2016.  This reward will show as a room credit in the qualifier’s name, upon hotel check-in. If you earn the $750 cash voucher as a part of the Shaklee Chairman’s Leadership Retreat but were unable to book a room at the Marriott World Center, our Incentives team will work with you to ensure that you receive the benefit you earned. Those arrangements will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Tier 3 – Includes flights and accommodations for one person to the Shaklee Chairman’s Retreat.  The Retreat includes training, meals and invaluable time with Roger Barnett. The attendee must be listed on Shaklee records as a member of the qualifying distributorship.
  • Tier 4 – Includes flights and accommodations for two people to the Shaklee Chairman’s Retreat. The Retreat includes training, meals and invaluable time with Roger Barnett.  Both attendees must be on Shaklee records as a member of the qualifying distributorship.
  • Top Producer – For purposes of the Shaklee Live reward, travel dates must correspond to the 2016 Shaklee Live in Orlando and at least one attendee must be listed as an owner on the Shaklee Business.  The qualifier must be a Shaklee Business Leader, with no Volume Grace Months or waivers, in the PV month of June 2016 to be eligible to attend.

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