Prove It Challenge

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Rachel D.

Rachel found the inspiration to break through her mental barrier at the Denver Living Proof Tour stop by signing up a new Distributor because of the Prove It Challenge™!

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Kim W.

This Senior Director from Indiana held herself and her team accountable for their consistent daily actions. This commitment to sharing the Prove It Challenge resulted in 39 people accepting the Challenge.

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Tarrah M.

After her personal success with the Prove It Challenge™ by using a mix of traditional and digital marketing channels to get over 25 people to accept the challenge, gaining 14 new Preferred Members in the process!

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Rod L.

Senior Key Coordinator Rod and his group have had over 170 people accept the Prove It Challenge, but he's creating big-picture success by converting those customers into ongoing transactions.

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Scott W.

Scott was impressed with the positive effect the launch of the Prove It Challenge had on people. Since the pilot program, his team has had almost 70 people accept the Challenge!