Kyiakhalid Ruiz

Holiday Gift Guide

Collection of giftable Shaklee products for sharing during the holiday season. Available in a single downloadable PDF and individual social posts for Facebook/Instagram Posts or Stories as well as two animations that cover the entire set of gift guide products.

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Alison M.

The energy and enthusiasm of the Prove It Challenge™ convinced Alison and her husband to recommit to a healthier lifestyle and share that lifestyle with others—encouraging 4 people to accept the Challenge!

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Cheri G.

Congratulations to Cheri, whose group has gotten 24 people to accept the Prove It Challenge™ by sharing the proof behind Shaklee products—leading to her highest bonus check ever!

Join the Exclusive Living Proof Club!

When you make the commitment to consistently share the Prove It Challenge™ and have three or more new people Accept the Challenge for a consecutive four months between now and 12/31, you’ll be invited to be part of the Living Proof Club! Living Proof Club members will enjoy special recognition at the Shaklee Global Conference in Orlando, including VIP entrances and seating as well as other fun surprises. We look forward to recognizing your consistency and extra effort to help people claim their right to thrive!

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Mark G.

Mark’s barrier was sharing the Shaklee Business Opportunity. The simplicity of the Prove It Challenge™ helped him get 8 people to accept the Challenge in August!
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