Andrea Taylor

Living Proof: Krystle and Todd

Krystle shares how the Shaklee opportunity has changed her family’s health, allowed her to stay home with her kids, and build her dream home.

Living Proof: Tif and Nary

A mother and daughter share their Shaklee journey as Tif looks to learn from what her mother has done “and take it further.”

Living Proof: Chelsey

A military mom with three kids moves from “observing her life” to “experiencing life” with her kids right now – with the help of Shaklee nutrition.

Living Proof: Jennifer

Building a business with Shaklee has been a journey of personal self-discovery, moving from shyness to a world of possibilities.

Living Proof: Taneka

A single mom describes how her newfound vitality has given her the energy to help her family and to create a program in her community to help other single moms.

Living Proof: Lisa

Lisa and her family have built a thriving multi-generational business that’s given them freedom and enabled them to weather life’s storms

Living Proof: Aggie

An avid dog lover, Aggie’s search for safe, green cleaning products to use around her dogs was the spark that led to a greener and healthier life for herself.

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