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Coming Soon: New Technology!

Exciting things are coming for your business this Fall, including a new approach to sharing your Shaklee Business online.

My Storefront: New Personal Web Page Experience

At our 2023 Global Conference, we offered a sneak peek of a new approach to link sharing and attribution PLUS a new personalized page, My Storefront, to replace our Personal Web Site templates.

Coming later this year, a simpler way to create, personalize, and share a streamlined Personal Web Page experience that’s fully integrated into Available by subscription, your new “My Storefront” page will offer these features to benefit your business:

  • My Storefront: A shareable personal web page with your name, your picture, a brief introduction, contact form, and links to your social media handles, social profiles, blogs, and more!
  • My Favourite Products: Select and feature your favourite products, with brief information about each of your picks.
  • Personalized Product Bundles: Create and customize up to five product bundles for sharing in your Wellness Groups, or to get anyone started in Shaklee.
  • Shopping Companion: a prominent banner follows your prospects through their experience of the site, featuring your name, your picture and your contact information and social media links. Replaces the “Sherpa.”

Shareable Link: Plus, and this is really exciting!  All Ambassadors will create and share a personalized link that gives credit for transactions. A subscription isn’t required, but if you wish to share, you must create the link to get credit/attribution. Once you’ve created this link, you can share the links to any page within the site, without using the “Copy Link” button.

Importantly, this new approach to sharing and creating your own personalized page is built into to take advantage of continual site improvements, seasonal messaging, and targeted content based on your customers shopping behaviours.

Look for more information in the coming months as we count down to this exciting launch.

Notes About the Transition

A few things about the transition from PWS to My Storefront:

  • Your current PWS will automatically redirect to your “My Storefront” page
  • Your “My Storefront” page URL will reflect the same name as your primary PWS
  • Previous attributed links you may have shared will also redirect