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Age Well Beauty Bundle

We all have to age…but we can choose to do it well!

Help your customers and members get the best of beauty in a curated, limited-time bundle that supports healthy aging, inside and out. *The Age Well Beauty Bundle is on sale now through 12/31.

Age Well Beauty Bundle
Available 10/17 – 12/31

(#89618) $199 member price ($267 value) 

Includes the following products:

  • Collagen-9™ Stick Packs
  • Choice of Vivix® Liquid Gels or Vivix® Liquid
  • And the Body Ritual Trio

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What makes this bundle so special?  

INSIDE: Vivix & Collagen-9

  • Help keep cells vital and strong, slowing the aging process with Vivix®*
    • Muscadine grape, resveratrol
    • Activates cell’s defenses*
    • Protects against cell damage*
    • Protects & repairs DNA*
    • Neutralizes free radicals*
  • Help keep your glow going strong with Collagen-9
    • Collagen, vitamin C, biotin
    • Supports healthy skin*
    • Supports collagen synthesis*

OUTSIDE: Shaklee Body

  • Help keep skin healthy, hydrated, plumper, more youthful, and firmer-looking with the Body Ritual Trio
    • Supports the skin’s natural collagen and slows the breakdown of collagen and elastin1,2
    • Improves skin’s texture, tone, and brightness
    • Plumps, firms
    • Provides long-lasting hydration
    • Protects the skin’s barrier function
  1. Muscadine Patent, Skin survival, antioxidant, Elastase and collagenase breakdown inhibition US Patent No: US 10,967,034 B2 April 6, 2021
  2. Robert Holtz. (2022) Advanced Glycation End Product Prevention and Reduction Collagen Report Study Numbers: 22-0008 and 22-0026; 22-0033.