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2023 Star Club Incentive Trip to Los Cabos

Get ready to travel with your Shaklee Family to beautiful Los Cabos for our 2023 Star Club Incentive Trip! When you grow your business this year, you’ll enjoy 6 days at the beautiful Hyatt Ziva – a luxurious all-inclusive oasis for all ages!

Make sure you and your team are there for a trip that only Shaklee can deliver, filled with natural beauty, first-class experiences, and memories to last a lifetime.

Trip Qualification Period

January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022

  • LocationHyatt Ziva Los Cabos, Mexico
  • Trip DatesApril 27 – May 2, 2023
  • Incentive Trip for One Person/One Room – 250
  • Incentive Trip for Two People/One Room – 350

Exclusive Event With Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett for VIP Elite Qualifiers

When you earn all four Quarterly Incentives AND the Star Club Incentive Trip for Two (with 350 points), you also qualify for an exclusive special event hosted by Roger Barnett in Los Cabos during the Star Club Incentive Trip.

The Resort

Perched on the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos is a luxurious all-inclusive oasis for all ages. Nestled between desert dunes and ocean rock formations, this magnificent beachfront resort offers spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez and is only minutes from San Jose del Cab.

Included in your stay:

  • Swimming Pools – Choose your oasis. Plunge into the never-ending infinity pool or chill out near the adult-only swim-up bar.
  • Fitness & Sports – Take in stunning vistas while you work up a sweat at the oceanfront fitness centre featuring state-of-the-art equipment with LCD TV screens. Challenge friends to a game on the tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts or swim some laps in a heated pool.
  • KidZ Club – Younger guests can stay cool in a supervised KidZ Club packed with games and arts and crafts. Outside, a jungle gym, playground in the sand, and mini cars and bikes await. Or, kids can splash in a mini water park and take a ride down one of five water slides.
  • Live Entertainment – Feel the Cabo beat as skilled performers create captivating spectacles that will entice the entire family. Each night, experience a little more Mexican flavor with a different signature show ranging from sensational magic acts to tropical dance and contemporary music performed by the crowd-pleasing resort band.
  • Dining – Embark on a culinary world tour with international, culturally authentic delicacies for every taste. From the fiesta atmosphere of the Coco Loco Snack Bar to specialty cocktails on the terraces of the martini bar and sports bar, the dining and social experiences are unforgettable.

Take advantage of these optional extras at an additional cost:

  • Spa & Beauty – Enhance your resort experience and awaken your senses with revitalizing treatments and relaxation rituals at Zen Spa. This serene two-story building is inspired by the natural elements of water, air, and earth and houses 15 treatment rooms, three outdoor palapas, and a salon to tend to all your needs.
  • Cabanas – Choose your own oasis. Plunge into one of Hotel Ziva’s sparkling pools, or relax and enjoy the scenery from a private cabana.

Star Club Trip Requirements

Rank Requirement

Paid As Director or higher for a minimum of four consecutive months during the qualification period.*

Star Club Points

Must have a minimum of 40

Ambassador Sponsoring Points

Must have a minimum of 40

Total Points Needed for 1

At least 250

Total Points Needed for 2

At least 350

What’s New:

Updated requirements for Keys and Above

*Once this qualification is met, you cannot fall below the rank of Director or take any VGM’s or Waivers through the month of the trip. 

You can earn points in six different categories tied to the growth and development of your business: Star Club, Ambassador Sponsoring, Business Leader Development, Rank Advancement, Personal Group Volume (PGV) Growth, and Activity Points.

Star Club Bonus Category

Each time you earn Star Club, you can earn Star Club Points toward the trip.

Star Club BonusPoints
Earn a $75 Star Club Bonus10
  • A maximum of 150 points can be earned in this category toward the 2023 Star Club Trip
  • A minimum of 40 points required in this category to qualify for the 2023 Star Club Trip


Earn points each time you sponsor a new Ambassador with a $150 or more product order (including Members that become Ambassadors).

Ambassador Sponsoring PointsPoints
Sponsor a New Ambassador10
  • If a new Ambassador returns their join order or becomes inactivated, the Ambassador Sponsoring Points will be removed from this category
  • A maximum of 150 points in this category will count toward the 2023 Star Club Trip
  • A minimum of 40 points is required in this category to qualify for the 2023 Star Club Trip


Increase your Personal Group Volume (PGV) over your previous 12-month period PGV Base (January – December 2021) to start earning points toward your trip qualification.

When you increase your total PGV by 25,000 over your PGV Base, you will earn 100 Star Club Trip points. Your PGV is your PGV from January – December 2021, or 24,000, whichever is greater.

PGV Over BasePoints
25,000 Over Base100


Earn 50 points for every NEW Business Leader you develop in your Personal Group.

New Business Leaders50
  • The New Business Leader must be a new Business Leader who has not held the rank of Director or higher for four consecutive months since January 2020


Earn points as you achieve new rank levels.

Senior Director50
Senior Coordinator90
Executive Coordinator110
Senior Executive Coordinator145
Key Coordinator180
Senior Key Coordinator210
Master Coordinator250
Senior Master Coordinator275
Presidential Master Coordinator300
  • Achieve Paid‐As Rank and maintain it for three additional consecutive months (a total of four consecutive months)
  • Your base Rank is determined by your highest achieved rank held for four consecutive months within the last two incentive years (January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021)
  • Must be Paid As the minimum rank of Director or higher for four consecutive months in 2022 to qualify for the Star Club Trip with points


Register and attend the 2022 Shaklee Conference 15
Place Loyalty Orders monthly1
Earn all 4 Quarterly Incentives 50
  • Conference Registration: Earn 15 points when you register and attend
  • Personal Loyalty Point Orders: Earn 1 point for your first Loyalty Order (formerly AutoShip orders) each month (with a maximum of 1 point per month)

Eligible Key Coordinators and higher may qualify for the Star Club Trip under the alternate Leadership Qualifications in lieu of qualifying by points.

Leadership Qualifications

  1. Have at least three Business Leaders in your downline (within six generations), down to and including the next eligible Key Coordinator or higher (but not their downline), who have fully qualified for the Dream Trip.
  2. Fully qualified means that they have at least 250 incentive points, including at least 40 Star Club Points and 40 Ambassador Sponsoring Points, and have been a Paid As Director or higher for at least four consecutive months during the Qualification Period. Remember, once those qualifications have been met, they cannot fall below Director through the month prior to the trip.
  3. You must personally sponsor a minimum of 2 new Members and 2 new Ambassadors during the qualification period.

Three fully qualified teams with 250+ Points earn a Star Club Trip for two people in one room (350-point tier).

Who is Eligible for this Category?

To be eligible to qualify using the Leadership Qualifications, you must have been a Paid As Key Coordinator or higher in at least four PV months from January – December 2021, not necessarily consecutive.

In addition, you must be a Paid As Key Coordinator or higher for four months during the Qualification Period (January – December 2022). Once that requirement is met, your Paid As Rank may not fall below Executive Coordinator for the remainder of the Qualification Period and all subsequent months through the month prior to the trip.