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Finish The First Quarter Strong with 2 in 1

Let’s stay focused on what’s important and continue to share the Shaklee business opportunity and Making Healthy Happen™ for the millions of people who can be helped by our products.

Maintaining a consistent pace of activity will be the key to making this your best year yet in Shaklee. To reward your consistency, take advantage of these recently launched incentives and recognition programs to help you energize your business.

Star Club Incentive Trip

Qualify for the new Star Club Incentive Trip by growing your business THIS YEAR through sponsoring new Distributors, growing your volume, advancing in rank and developing Leaders on your team.

$21,000 in 2021

When you advance in rank and hold for three more consecutive months, you can earn an additional cash bonus over and above your regular earnings—up to $21,000!

Quarterly Incentive

Get focused on short-term goals and earn cool prizes as you track toward big incentives and rewards – including the Star Club Incentive Trip and VIP Status Recognition – with the Quarterly Incentive Program.

Pace Setter Program

This incentive rewards new Distributors who are committed to building quickly with a bonus over and above their regular Shaklee compensation, when they hit specific volume and Distributor sponsoring goals.

VIP Status & Recognition Program

By working towards the Quarterly Incentives and the Star Club Trip you are also working towards a VIP Experience that you can enjoy during Shaklee Events throughout 2022.  The more you qualify for, the better your special experience!

Reset Your Business with 2 and 1 in 2021

Start with a simple goal and repeat it each month to be on track to earn the Star Club Incentive Trip, Quarterly Incentive, Pace Setter, $21K in 2021 and VIP Status.

Every month:

  • Complete Star Club by enrolling 2 Members and 1 Distributor
  • Help 10 new people take the Meology Assessment
  • Place a $150 Loyalty Order

Do this every month in 2021 and you can earn:

  • $75 Star Club Bonus monthly
  • Up to $1500 monthly Loyalty Bonus
  • Quarterly Incentive special prize and celebration x 4
  • Star Club Trip for One, plus 50 extra points towards Star Club Trip for Two
  • VIP Status and Recognition for all 2022 events
  • Pace Setter Bonuses
  • $21,000 in 2021 Bonuses

Plus, when you and your team do these activities over time, you’ll create a culture of growth and momentum in your team. The possibilities are endless with 2 and 1 in 2021!

March Training & Activity Calendar

Use our March Activity Calendar  for training, activity and social prompts to help you and your team stay on track and reach your goals!

Monthly Goals by Rank

See monthly goals broken down by rank for new and existing Distributors, Directors & above and Keys & above

Your Monthly and Daily Activity

Focus on the Shaklee Vital Behaviors to reach your goals!

Daily Activities – The Vital Behaviors

  • 3 New Connections
  • 3 Follow Ups
  • 3 Invitations
  • Use & Love Shaklee
  • Personal Development

Monthly Activities

  • Enroll at least 1 Distributor and 2 Members
  • Help at least 10 new people take the Meology Assessment.
  • Place your own $150 Loyalty Order and encourage downline business partners and Members to do the same.
  • Host at least 3 pop up events each month. Work with your upline business partner and other business partners to organize and present.
*To count for Quarterly Incentive and Star Club Trip qualifications, Meology Assessments must be taken by someone who has never taken the Meology Assessment before and who was not a Member or Distributor before January 1, 2021. The Meology Assessment must be taken from your Personal Website (PWS) or an attributed link from Shaklee Connect or Shaklee Share App by a qualifying person to count as one of your 30 Meology Assessments.