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Updated All New Tools Area

Every successful person needs the right tools – Shakespeare had his pen, Hank Aaron had his bat, Michelangelo had his chisel, and Dr. Shaklee had his beakers. And now, the Shaklee Family has a great new All Tools area!

We’ve created an improved All New Tools page to make it easier than ever for you to find the tools you need to build and maintain your business, however and wherever you choose.

  • Filter and Search – Narrow your search results by filtering for tool type, product category, language, and business use. We’ve also added some featured filter categories that enable you to quickly find our most popular tools and the tools associated with our current monthly theme. And when filters don’t get you what you’re looking for, you can search the new tools area using relevant key words.
  • Thumbnails and Descriptions – Each new tool record includes a short description of the document as well as a thumbnail image.
  • Single Platform for all Language Content – When complete, our new tools platform will allow users who speak Spanish, Chinese and Korean to view content and menus in their own language by using the language toggle in the top right corner.
  • Mobile Responsive and Shareable – Access the new platform from your mobile device and share direct links to relevant tools with members of your team when needed.

We’ll be putting some finishing touches on the site during the month of June, but you can take it for a spin right now at


While we’re making the transition, we will maintain our existing tools page on After July 17th, we’ll phase out the old page and begin using the new platform as our primary vehicle for sharing new tools.

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