Childcare Services at Global Conference

Bringing your little ones to Global Conference? For your convenience, we've identified the following Child Care providers that serve the city of Atlanta.

Please note: This list is provided for information purposes only.  Shaklee has not investigated, and does not endorse, any of the providers listed. Shaklee has not evaluated any of their qualifications or experience or verified if any of these providers are properly licensed and/or sufficiently bonded.  Shaklee assumes no responsibility or liability arising from any of their claims, actions or omissions..

Nanny Poppinz

TLC Sitters of Atlanta

Don't forget to also check with your hotel to see if they offer child care services.

Mother's Room for General Sessions
A Mothers Room will be available during all General Sessions and the evening Pure Celebration Event for nursing mothers and crying infants only.  This room will be equipped with audio and video from the main stage.

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