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Congratulations, Shaklee Pure Performance Team! 

Congratulations, Shaklee Pure Performance Team!  

The Shaklee Family is proud of its PyeongChang-bound Pure Performance Team members, and will be cheering the Shaklee athletes from start to finish.  We can all help our Shaklee athletes by joining the social media buzz on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  And we'll be cheering right alongside of you.  But in observance of International Olympic Committee (IOC) Rule 40, Shaklee will cease any advertising that pairs Shaklee athletes with our products or opportunity beginning on Thursday, February 1st, and extending through February 28, 2018.  That’s because IOC Rule 40 imposes a “blackout” period for advertising to help insulate the athletes from “ambush” marketing and allow the official Olympic sponsors to operate according to the guidelines set by the IOC.

How does IOC Rule 40 affect you?

If you are a Shaklee Independent Distributor, you must not use the name, image, or likeness of any of our Shaklee athletes in any of your active advertising during the blackout period.  And, you should avoid using trademarks owned by the IOC, such as “Olympic”, the three rings logo, Team USA or Winter Games. As a sports fan, you may use social media to share competition results or join in a social media discussion about performances and results and send congratulations, but do not participate in any posts, discussions, or threads that would suggest a connection between your Shaklee business and an athlete’s performance.  For instance, you could post something like, “Congrats to Kacey Bellamy, one of my favorite athletes.”  However, you should not post something like “Congrats to Kacey Bellamy, Shaklee Pure Performance Team member, who is powered by Shaklee products.”  Keep your sports enthusiasm separate from your business—that will protect the athletes and steer you clear of any advertising infringements.

And, please refrain from using any of the materials that have been created by Shaklee Corporate—such as the Pure Performance video, banners, photography, or other content that has appeared on, in MyShaklee News, our Corporate Facebook page, the Shaklee Health Wise blog, Pinterest, or on the website—to express your enthusiasm about our athletes who are competing. It’s OK to be enthusiastic! Just not OK to use our materials when you do.

Thank you for cooperating with this. We can’t wait to watch our Pure Performance Team members compete, and we wish them all tremendous success in PyeongChang! We’ll celebrate in a big way with you in March once the Rule 40 blackout period is over!

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