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PGV+ Challenge | January – April 2018

Challenge yourself to help more people get on the path to better health with Shaklee and get up to 30 points closer to Dream 2019!

  • Here’s how it works:  Earn an additional 10 points in January, February and March when you increase your monthly PGV+ base by 250 or more PV points. This gives you the chance to earn up to 30 additional points towards the 2019 Dream Incentive Trip. Did you miss your chance to get 30 PGV+ Challenge Points in January – March?  If so, you now have one more chance in April to get 10 PGV+ Challenge points.
  • Who’s eligible: These PGV+ Challenge points are available to all Business Leaders.  But if you aren’t a Business Leader yet, good news!  Promote to Director this month to become eligible.
  • How is the monthly PGV+ base calculated for this incentive? Your monthly PGV+ average is calculated by taking the 2017 PGV+ base and dividing it by 12, or 2000 PGV+, whichever is greater.  New Business Leaders will have a default monthly average base of 2000 PGV+.  Check out your Dream Trackerto see you average monthly PGV+ base.
  • How will the PGV+ Challenge points be tracked? These PGV + Challenge points will be added in the MISC Category of your Dream tracker.  You’ll see the point in this category displayed in your tracker starting mid-February (for January PV month).
  • What is PGV+:  PGV+ is the combination of your Personal Group Volume (PGV) PLUS all of the Personal Group Volume (PGV) of your First-Generation Business Leaders (regardless of whether new or existing). *
  • Please note: PGV+ Challenge points only count toward the 2019 Dream incentive trip qualification and do not impact your monthly bonus.

*First Generation Leaders who roll up to you do not count unless they were a First-Generation Leader of yours in at least one month during January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. 

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