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Success with the Shaklee Family Pack

Congratulations! You’ve picked a great way to start with Shaklee—by sharing some of our best-selling family nutrition and home care products. Keep reading to see why there are some great reasons to be excited about the potential for growing a strong business and find out how you can begin earning right away.

You’ve chosen product categories that every family needs and that are in high demand in the marketplace.

  • Nutritional Supplements—Up to 90% of Americans are lacking key nutrients in their diet.1 Coupled with the great need to fill these nutritional gaps, there is also a huge demand for products in the category. By 2033, the global market is expected to reach over $220 billion in sales.2
  • Environmentally friendly Home Care Products—A Nielsen global online study from 2016 found: “When asked to pick the attributes they seek when purchasing all-purpose cleaners, 40% of respondents around the world say they want environmentally friendly benefits and nearly as many (36%) say they don’t want harsh chemicals.”3

What's in my Success Pack?

Vitalizer™ (#20284)
SRP: $100 | MP: $84.95 | PV: 59

2 Canisters of Life Energizing Shake™ (#21273)
15 Servings Each
SRP: $119.90 | MP: $101.90 | PV: 70

Optifora® Probiotic Complex (#20639)
30 Count
SRP: $22.45 | MP: $19.10 | PV: 14.65

Stress Relief Complex* (#20656)
30 Count
SRP: $32.35 | MP: $27.50 | PV: 21.15

Vitalized ImmunityTM (#22073)
15 Count
SRP: $26.10 | MP: $22.20 | PV: 19.15

Alfalfa Complex (#20153)
330 Count
SRP: $19.35 | MP: $16.45 | PV: 12.65

Vita-D3® (#21214)
90 Count
SRP: $9.40 | MP: $7.95 | PV: 5

Chewable Vita-C® (#20096)
300 Count
SRP: $27.45 | MP: $23.35 | PV: 17.95

ShakleekidsTM Incredivites® (#20002)
120 Count
SRP: $34.95 | MP: $29.70 | PV: 20

ShakleekidsTM Mighty Smart® Choice (#20076)
30 Count
SRP: $31.75 | MP: $27.00 | PV: 15.93

Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate (#00015)
16 oz.
SRP: $12.15 | MP: $10.35 | PV: 5.17

Get Clean® Spray Bottles (#50443)
SRP: $8.10 | MP: $6.90 | PV: 0

Fresh Laundry Concentrate Fragrance Free (HE) (#00300)
32 oz.
SRP: $15.25 | MP: $12.95 | PV: 6.47

Get Clean® 1/4-oz. Pump Dispenser (#50414)
SRP: $2.25 | MP: $1.90 | PV: 0


People who:

  • Have young children and are interested in creating a healthy foundation for their kids to learn, play, and grow
  • Are of child-bearing age and are looking for pre-natal care
  • Talk about being too busy to eat right
  • Are concerned about the kind of cleaners being used around their children



  • Listen for cues! When someone mentions wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes, is looking for prenatal support, is looking for kids’ supplements, or wants to use environmentally friendly cleaners.

Get Social

  • Share your own experience with Shaklee products, and show how Shaklee is part of your family’s everyday life.
  • Post pictures of your family using the products.
  • Use the digital tools available to promote your favorite products on social.
  • Take advantage of the Shaklee Naturally Blog for relevant and well-researched content you can share.


  • LYL Presentations—Take advantage of the Nutrition Health Chat or Healthy Home Health Chat to share general information as well as Shaklee solutions. Can be done one-on-one, online, or as a larger event.

When you make your focus sharing products from the Best Sellers success pack, with a specific activity target, you can create income now and consistent business growth later.

Let’s look at an example of how using a specific activity target to share our best sellers can help you earn over $800 in a single month:

Sponsor six (6) Preferred Members with the purchase of a combination of products that equal $150 (125 PV) for a total of 750 PV Sponsor three (3) Qualified Distributors who join with 3 Success Packs for a total PV 1,800 (each at 600 PV)
Earn $50 in Success Bonuses + $273* on the value of the products for a total of $323 Earn $300 in Success Bonuses + $216 on the value of products purchased for a total of $516
Combined total income: $839
Personal Group Volume generated: 2,550

 Repeat every month to build momentum.

Don’t forget:

  • A Preferred Member is a person who joins and places a $150 order on AutoShip within their first full calendar month.
  • Qualified Distributors – A Qualified Distributor is a person who joins with a $49.95 New Distributor Welcome Kit and purchases one or more Success Packs within their first full calendar month. Alternatively, new people can unlock Qualified Distributor Benefits by purchasing a New Distributor Welcome Kit and paying a $150 fee.
  • Earn $50 each time you sponsor a Qualified Distributor on their purchase of 1 or more Success Packs.
  • Earn $25 Success Bonus every time you Sponsor 3 New Preferred Members within three rolling months.
  • When you sponsor 3 New Qualified Distributors within three rolling months, you will earn an additional $150 Success Bonus on products purchased.

The average annual income in 2016 for the Business Leader ranks was: Director $10,227; Senior Director $14,010; Coordinator $21,429; Senior Coordinator $33,547; Executive Coordinator $48,791; Senior Executive Coordinator $63,701; Key Coordinator $94,967; Senior Key Coordinator $120,604; Master Coordinator $209,797; Senior Master Coordinator $280,806; Presidential Master Coordinator $614,837. Average annual income for each rank is calculated monthly based on information reported on Form 1099-MISC for all US Business Leaders who achieved the rank that month. The sum of these monthly averages is the figure reported. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved.

*Calculation of the bonus on the Preferred Member purchases includes both the Personal Group Volume Bonus and Price Differential.

Vitalizer™ FAQ

Vitalizer™ Nutrients Flyer

Vitalizer™ Nxtbook Brochure

Vitalizer™ Poster

Vitalizer™ Product Information Sheet

Get Clean® Product Information Sheet

Optiflora® Probiotic Complex

Stress Relief Complex*

Vitalized Immunity™

Alfalfa Complex


Life Energizing Shake™ Recipes (Soy)

Life Energizing Shake™ Recipes (Soy Free)

Life Energizing Shake™ Recipe Calendar.

Life Energizing Shake™ Product Information Sheet

Life Energizing Shake™ Consumer Brochure.

Life Energizing Shake™ Ingredients List.

Shakleekids™ Incredivites®

Shakleekids™ Mighty Smart® Choice

Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate

Get Clean® Spray Bottles

Fresh Laundry Concentrate Fragrance Free (HE)

Get Clean® 1/4-oz. Pump Dispenser

1“The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), a program of the National Center for Health Statistics, which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

2“Dietary Supplements Market by Ingredients (Botanicals, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes) for Additional Supplements, Medical Supplements, and Sports Nutrition Applications—Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2016–2022” (January 6, 2017)—Zion Market Research ( report/dietary-supplements-market).

3“Greener Cleaners: Global Consumers Get Naturally Clean” (May 2016) ( global-consumers-get-naturally-clean.html).

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