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Hosting Your January 2018 Meeting

The New Year is here, with many opportunities for you to make new connections, extend your reach, and help others to get started on a path to Live Younger Longer, Look Younger Longer, and Love Your Life, through Shaklee.

Help us create a Love Your Life 2018 Movement!  We're inviting all Business Leaders and active Distributors throughout the US and Canada – to either host or attend a 2018 Love Your Life Event.

For nearly every resolution, Shaklee has a solution.  If you're looking to get fitter and stronger, become leaner and healthier – join us on the path to Living Younger Longer with Shaklee 180® and core nutrition  If you'd like to look as young as you feel inside, experience clinical results without compromise, and take your skin age index into a younger decade, let us help you to Look Younger Longer, with YOUTH®!

And especially coming out of the holiday season, who doesn’t need to earn an extra $500 or more?  Make sure your January event explains that Shaklee offers the possibility of sharing Shaklee products and also building and leading a team of like-minded people to truly Love Your Life.

Start envisioning the year ahead and the part that you and your team can play in expanding our healthy, happy Shaklee community and making a difference in thousands of lives!


*NEW* Series of social posts featuring the Love Your Life 2018 theme for Facebook®, Instagram® and Instagram® Stories.

Invitations/Conversation Starters

Women with Sparklers:

Man on a Mountaintop:

Event Reminders/Conversation Starters

Fit and Fab Theme Social Posts – Social posts to promote the Fit and Fab Theme.

Fit and Fab Theme Facebook Covers – Covers for the top of your Facebook timeline or business page promoting our theme for December and January.


  • Evites: Visit (Login Required) and go to My Business>Calendar and Events. Once you schedule your meeting you can then see evite options. The January 6th evites will be at the end of the list. There are also evites with the theme art without the January 6th date for meetings later in the month.
  • Follow Up Messages: Visit (Login Required) and go to My Business>Share Shaklee>Emails and Campaigns for Emails you can use to thank guests, welcome new Members who join at meetings and welcome new Distributors who join at meetings.
  • Event Ideas and Inspiration – Looking for ideas to make the most of your Love Your Life event? Spark your imagination at our #LoveYourLife2018 Pinterest board. And make sure to follow the board to get the latest updates.
  • Suggested January 6th Event Flow – Use this suggested event flow to ensure a successful January 6th event.
    English | Spanish
  • How to Make Your January 6th Meeting a Success – Flyer with tips on how to take succeed before, during and after your January 6th event.
  • Tips for Promoting Your January 6th Event in Social – Tips for promoting your January 6th Event in social media.
  • YOUTH® Back-of-Hand Demo Info Sheet – Info sheet showing a quick Before and After demo of the YOUTH® products on one hand in pdf format.
    English |Spanish | Chinese

Series of posters for display at your January Love Your Life events. Sized at 24.5″ x 36.5″ for printing at copy bureau or printer.
Women with Sparklers | Man on Mountaintop | YOUTH Product Collage | Woman Looking in Mirror | Exercise Class with Woman Jumping.

YOUTH focused presentation

Presentation Deck: PPT | PDF

Presentation Script: DOC | PDF

PLEASE NOTE: presenter should modify slide number 21 (in PPT version) to insert personal story OR remove from deck before using the presentation.

Healthy Weight & Cleanse focused presentation

Presentation Deck: PPT | PDF

Presentation Script: DOC | PDF

PLEASE NOTE: presenter should modify slide number 25 (in PPT version) to insert personal stories OR remove from deck before using the presentation.

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