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2017 New Directors Conference

We look forward to meeting and celebrating our next class of New Directors Conference qualifiers!  The next NDC will be held October 18-21, 2017.

Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett will be in the house to address and personally congratulate our shiny new Directors! Get ready for one of the best welcomes in the world – the green carpet greeting at the Shaklee World Headquarters!

The Business Leaders listed below fully qualified to attend the April 2017 NDC in Pleasanton, California! We were thrilled to be able to get to know so many great people who have recently joined the ranks of Shaklee Leadership!

How would you like to earn this tremendous trip too?  To qualify for the next New Directors Conference in October, new Dream Plan Directors must earn a total of 18,000 CV in any six-consecutive month period within their first 12 months as a Director (month of promotion plus 11 months). The six-consecutive month qualification period must be completed no later than the PV month that is three months prior to the calendar month of the Conference. For the October Conference, that means qualifications need to be accomplished by July 2017.

Qualification is for up to two people and includes airfare, hotel, & local transportation to and from the airport.

Be sure to check the second chance qualification for the NDC in the sidebar to the right, if you missed qualifying for the NDC in your first year with Shaklee!

Congratulations to all of our qualifiers!


  • Event: New Directors Conference
  • Date: October 18-21. 2017
  • Location: Pleasanton, CA



  • Missed qualifying for the NDC in your first year with Shaklee? We have an exciting option for Shaklee Dream Plan Directors who have never attended the New Directors Conference.
  • Starting April 2015 when you generate 48,000 Car Volume within a rolling 12 month period you can qualify to attend! Qualifications for the April 2017 event need to be accomplished by January, 2017.
  • See the 2017 – 2018 Shaklee Incentive Booklet for full qualification information