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100 Day Countdown to Conference Challenge

We’re 100 days from the biggest event of the year – Shaklee Global Conference. Take up the challenge to go into the biggest event of the year with BIG momentum for your business that will carry you through Global Conference and beyond!

Here’s the challenge

  • Over the next 100 days present the Shaklee Income Opportunity via the Napkin Presentation at least 50 times.

  • Do your presentations through any combination of events – in-homes, one-on-ones and/or virtual/online.

  • Track your activity (Date, Event Type, Number of Participants and Participant Name(s)) – use your own word document, excel spreadsheet or google doc.

And when you print and bring your event tracker to the Shaklee Style Store at Global Conference, you’ll get a one-time 10% off of your purchase.

Napkin Presentation

A great way to share the income opportunity on the go is a Napkin Presentation. Check out how Presidential Master Coordinator Charlene Fike uses this simple method to share the Shaklee story and income opportunity in an engaging way.

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