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Thanks to the success of our Summer of ’17 product launches, there’s never been a more exciting time to be in Shaklee! Get ready to start the New Year off right by sharing your experiences – perhaps with YOUTH® skin care – by hosting your own LYL Event in January.

Recommended Agenda

Friday Evening
Mix and mingle20 minutes
Product and Business Opportunity Presentation10 minutes
Product Demonstrations and Product Purchasing30 minutes
Saturday Morning
Stretch, share pre-workout product samples10 minutes
Workout activity30 minutes
Presentation, post-workout product sampling and product purchases20 minutes

Event Inspiration

Looking for ideas on how to create the right atmosphere for your LYL event? Check out this Pinterest board with imagery and ideas to inspire you as you make your preparations. Special thanks to Chris Bartholomew, from the Shaklee Events Team, for curating the board.

Invitation and Presentation Resources

  • YOUTH® Look Younger Longer Presentation Deck: PDF | PPT
  • YOUTH® Look Younger Longer Presentation Deck Script: DOC
  • Opportunity Presentation Deck: PDF | PPT
  • Opportunity Presentation Deck Script: DOC
  • Sports Nutrition Health Chat Presentation Deck: PDF | PPT
  • Sports Nutrition Health Chat Presentation Script: DOC
  • Sports Nutrition Health Chat Invitation Flyer: Ver 1 | Ver 2
  • LYL Tour Event Flyer | Skin Care Theme
  • LYL Tour Event Flyer | Sports Theme
  • Evites (Login Required)
  • All Tools Page (for other resources)
  • Shaklee Social Site (for social tools)

Before we know it, the New Year will be here, with many opportunities for you to make new connections, extend your reach, and help others get started on a path to Live Healthier, Look Younger Longer, and Love Your Life – through Shaklee.

Plan for a powerful new year now! First, take advantage of everything that’s going on in November and December to end 2017 strong. Lay the groundwork for a healthy 2018 by engaging in conversations that often lead to needs, goals, and solutions.

Health Chats, LYL events, and YOUTH® demonstrations are all great ways to invite people to join your team and to help them get started achieving those goals. Along the way, sponsor new Preferred Members and Qualified Distributors to really help you hit the ground running when January rolls around!

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks, including the link you can use to register your event. Start envisioning the year ahead and the part that you and your team can play in expanding our healthy, happy Shaklee community and making a difference in thousands of lives.

Countdown to 2018:

  • Healthy for the Holidays: December, such an important month as we head into the New Year, will focus on the theme “Healthy for the Holidays,” with an emphasis on staying the course for health and happiness during the hectic holiday celebration season. Healthy Cleanse and Shaklee 180® will be our product focus, in addition to our ongoing focus on YOUTH®.
  • January Kickoff Video Broadcast: Make sure your entire team of business builders joins us on Wednesday, January 3 at 8:30 pm ET | 5:30 pm PT. We’ll kick off the New Year together with announcements that include the destinations and qualifications for next year’s exciting incentive trips!
  • January LYL Events: Beginning Saturday, January 6, schedule “LYL” events throughout the month. They can be Live Healthier, Live Younger Longer, or Love Your Life events – whatever you and your team are passionate about! You’ll be able to register your January LYL Events with us.
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