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June Monthly Focus – Your Summer to Shine

Summer is the ideal season to get fit, stay active and enjoy the outdoors. And our Performance® Sports Nutrition line has just the right products to support your active lifestyle and help you glow inside and out! It’s also the perfect time to share Shaklee - at kids’ sporting events, at the gym, in your travels, picnics and parties, and with Dad’s and grads. The opportunity to shine this month is endless!

Download the Shaklee Global Conference Mobile App

The Shaklee Global Conference is where you go to get new energy and new inspiration. To learn things that help you take your business to the next level. To connect with friends old and new, who remind you how great it is to be part of this community of people who care so much about making a difference for other people, and for the planet.

New YOUTH Restoring Eye Treatment

It’s said that the eyes are the “Window to the soul” and are often the first thing people notice, so you want them to be at their best. NEW YOUTH® Restoring Eye Treatment will get you there!

Top Achievers 2019 Trip | Greece

The ancient Greek playwright Euripides is quoted as saying “Experience, travel—these are an education in themselves.” This year’s Top Achievers International Trip to Greece is the grandest of adventures…an experience and travel that is truly #lifegoals.

NEW! Organic Greens Booster

Available starting March 13, NEW Organic Greens Booster!This whole food supplement provides one cup of raw, organic, nutrient-rich green vegetables in every scoop. 

Congratulations Shaklee Pure Performance Team Athletes!

We are incredibly proud of our Shaklee Pure Performance Team Athletes! All seven of our medal-winning athletes, along with 21 more Shaklee Pure Performance Team members who competed in PyeongChang, amazed and inspired the world as they engaged in some of the most outstanding competitions ever contested.

YOUTH® Power Duos!

Nourish your skin with New YOUTH® Power Duos! Each Power Duo delivers targeted solutions to your skin.
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