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90-Day Power Bonus Kickstart

Don't miss out! There's still time to turn your personal sponsoring points into cash with a $150 Power Bonus!  Everyone has the chance to earn Power Bonuses through March 31 for your personal sponsoring activity.  Power Bonus is open to all Distributors and above for 90 days. Don't stop now, March is the final month to earn!

Q: Who is eligible to earn a Power Bonus?
A: All Distributors and above (no restrictions) can earn Power Bonuses during January, February and March.  Members are not eligible for this promotion.

Q: How do I earn a Power Bonus?
A: When you accumulate 15 personal sponsoring points within the specified time frame (by 3/31/17), you earn a Power Bonus.  You can earn personal sponsoring points as follows

PointsSponsoring Activity
15 PointsSponsor someone with a 750 PV Super GOLD PAK
10 PointsSponsor someone with a 500 PV GOLD Plus PAK
5 PointsSponsor someone with a 250 PV GOLD PAK
3 PointsSponsor someone with a Life Plan or Turnaround Kit
2 PointsSponsor a Member or Distributor w/100PV product purchase or more
1 PointSponsor a Member or Distributor w/50-99PV product purchase

Q: How much do I get when I earn a Power Bonus?
A: When you accumulate 15 personal sponsoring points by March 31, 2017, you will receive $150.

Q: What if I was already Power Bonus eligible?
A: If you were already Power Bonus eligible, your eligibility is simply extended 3 months.

Q: Is there a limit to how many Power Bonuses you can receive?
A: No limit – earn as many Power Bonuses as you like, within your eligibility period.

Q: How do I receive Power Bonuses weekly?
A: These bonuses will be paid weekly if the recipient is on Direct Deposit.  Otherwise, the bonus will be paid along with commissions earned for that PV month.

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