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90-Day Power Bonus Kickstart

HEARD THE NEWS? Everyone has the chance to earn Power Bonus for the next 90 days! Now through 3/31, earn Power Bonuses for your personal sponsoring activity.  Power Bonus is open to all Distributors and above for 90 days.

Q: Who is eligible to earn a Power Bonus?
A: All Distributors and above (no restrictions) can earn Power Bonuses during January, February and March.  Members are not eligible for this promotion.

Q: How do I earn a Power Bonus?
A: When you accumulate 15 personal sponsoring points within the specified time frame (by 3/31/17), you earn a Power Bonus.  You can earn personal sponsoring points as follows

PointsSponsoring Activity
15 PointsSponsor someone with a 750 PV Super GOLD PAK
10 PointsSponsor someone with a 500 PV GOLD Plus PAK
5 PointsSponsor someone with a 250 PV GOLD PAK
3 PointsSponsor someone with a Life Plan or Turnaround Kit
2 PointsSponsor a Member or Distributor w/100PV product purchase or more
1 PointSponsor a Member or Distributor w/50-99PV product purchase

Q: How much do I get when I earn a Power Bonus?
A: When you accumulate 15 personal sponsoring points by March 31, 2017, you will receive $150.

Q: What if I was already Power Bonus eligible?
A: If you were already Power Bonus eligible, your eligibility is simply extended 3 months.

Q: Is there a limit to how many Power Bonuses you can receive?
A: No limit – earn as many Power Bonuses as you like, within your eligibility period.

Q: How do I receive Power Bonuses weekly?
A: These bonuses will be paid weekly if the recipient is on Direct Deposit.  Otherwise, the bonus will be paid along with commissions earned for that PV month.

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